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    Oksar Ltd., publishers of Anorak Magazine, are delighted to announce the release of their happy iPhone and iPod Touch application.

    Designed by Supermundane, Anorak Magazines creative director and built by iPhone and iPod Touch applications developer On-Sea, the application is true to Anorak magazines happy philosophy: it contains fun, interactive games and stories designed to keep little ones and the rest of the family entertained when travelling or on the go.

    Anoraks launch version of the happy application contains:

    Happy word search games.
    Happy colouring-in pages that you can save as wallpaper and send on to your friends.
    Happy cycling game: our cycling fella needs your help in climbing these steep hills. Use tilt to go down the hills and your finger to push him up the mountains.
    Whack-an-Anorak: Like Whack-a-Mole, but Anoraks head pokes out and you have to bash him with your fingers to score points.
    Learn about words in this interactive feature about the wonders of words.
    Greedy Greg tells you all about weird vegetables.
    Gardens of Mayland: where flowers have personality.
    The Three-Eyed Dog comes from space but it can draw.

    Anoraks iPhone & iPod Touch application is available from the iTunes store now and costs 1.19.
    11-11-2009 07:55 AM