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SMS Spam Stopper - Stop Spam SMS on your iPhone


Aug 23, 2017
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If you are being spammed by text messages, use this application to block them automatically. This application Auto blocks the SPAM sms. It also stops the notifications, sound and vibrations for such SMS.

Name of the application : SMS Spam Stopper

Developer's Name : Ruchira Ramesh

Link of the application on App Store : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sms-spam-stopper/id1451769591

Why it is awesome : The application is loved by the users because of its privacy features and unique abilities to detect and stop Spam messages. Below are its features:

Privacy : The application is built to protect privacy of the users. The application processes all SMS locally only on phone. The SMS are kept private and not shared with any Third party. The application also has a feature to Block all Unknown SMS which is particularly liked by the users. The application could identify the Unknown SMS without needing any access to the user’s contact information.

Heuristic Detection and Artificial Intelligence : The application uses Heuristic detection and Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect the unknown spam sms. It comes with its own database of around 5000 spam SMS messages which is utilised by the Heuristic detection engine to identify SPAM with high detection rates. The blocked SMS are placed inside “Unknown & Junk” section of the “Messages” application.

The application stops the notifications, sound and vibrations for Spam SMS.

Abuse Detection : The application is also designed to protect you from the SMS that contains abusive or offensive words. If any such SMS is received, these will automatically be blacklisted and all alerts will be silenced for them.

Blocked Words List : The application also comes with a Blocked list containing 600 known SPAM keywords. The application also scans the SMS against these known SPAM keywords to detect a SPAM SMS. This list could be further customised to add new keywords or modify existing ones.

Blocked Numbers list : If the user is getting continuous message from any particular person or service , he/she could add them to the Blocked numbers list. Any SMS from such numbers will automatically be blacklisted by the application.

Allowed Words list : This list allows the user to whitelist certain SMS types based on keywords such as OTP (One time passwords). To ignore sms containing certain words like OTP, please add those words to this list.

Block all Unknown SMS : When this option is turned on, the application will block SMS from any number that is not the user's contacts. Please note that the application still does not need access to your contacts. The iOS APIs let the application know automatically if the received SMS is an unknown SMS. Your private data is always safe. This is an optional feature and it could be turned on if required.
Ruchira Ramesh (Developer)


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Aug 23, 2017
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We are glad to inform that a YouTuber has posted a review on SMS Spam Stopper explaining why he is using the application and why he likes it. He emailed us today giving the link of his video. We are also sharing it here.


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