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    You are correct. I get alerted within 24 hours if there are any hard pulls and there were none for both phones purchased. Back in April when we tried TMO (big mistake!) that showed as a hard pull. Ridiculous as all we were doing was getting service (I bought the S6 Edge and paid up front). And (of course) I was one of the ones that received a letter from Experian about the breach that affected millions that applied for TMO service in the past two years. I will be signing up for the two years of ID theft protection on them, however.
    Exactly. A hard pull lets them know what balances are like on other accounts, a soft pull is closer to an identity check and gives them just your credit score, but does not show everything else. I use the credit tracker which lets me see hard and soft pulls, and definitely only had soft pulls show up
    10-25-2015 12:48 AM
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