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  1. Duvi's Avatar
    not only do i keep all of my Apple packaging but i do it with everything else in my fricking life!

    i really need to see someone about that..
    05-24-2012 11:45 PM
  2. MRSBROWN2006's Avatar
    Heck yes, I have all original boxes, packaging and receipts with duplicates for both mac pro's. In addition to that, I have always kept all original packaging/receipts for any phone I have purchased (as it's great if you need to exchange or ebay it).
    05-26-2012 09:34 PM
  3. pilsbury's Avatar
    Absolutely. Original boxes are attractive to prospective buyers when I upgrade and sell, IMO.
    05-26-2012 11:56 PM
  4. Freiteez's Avatar
    I keep it. I sell my phone every year to get the new one pretty much for free (even if I'm not eligible for an upgrade). Winning.
    05-27-2012 03:40 AM
  5. PhoneAddict's Avatar
    I usually keep all packaging for electronics except TV's, just always have in case I need to return, move it especially with audio equipment or sell as has happened numerous times with upgrading phones, iPad, etc. Without coming across too much as a Apple fan it is easy to keep the Apple packaging as it is designed so well with a minimum footprint with maximum protection.
    05-27-2012 06:49 AM
  6. Snipperdo17's Avatar
    I always keep everything that comes with my electronics!
    05-27-2012 12:47 PM
  7. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    Its a must to keep it. Keep up retail value!
    05-27-2012 10:58 PM
  8. Hogosha's Avatar
    I keep all the boxes, product packaging, accessories, and receipts for all the Apple products I own or anything else electronic I think is important (mostly everything that is important). Why? Because it makes it much easier to return (if needed) or pack up (if needed).

    Scenario: Your PS3 breaks or XBOX360 gets "red rings of death". You call for warranty confirmation from Microsoft or Sony/Best Buy (if you use them for Geek Squad, etc) you pack it up nice and neat (because perception and presentation play a large part in reality - think about that one) and take it to the store for a return/exchange. It takes an extra couple of minutes both at your house and at the store to get a look at everything but it's worth it. The reps say "Looks like you took care of everything." "Man, you're PS3 is in great shape, what happened? Doesn't look like it was damaged." Things like this make your version of what happened more believable (not that it wouldn't be true) and a manufacturer's defect or whatever. Compared to the person that just lugs in all their crap haphazardly, wires falling all over the place, nasty dirty piece of equipment, lays it on the countertop and says: "This is broken, I want a return/exchange." They don't have anything with them, not even the receipt. Pain in the *** for the store, pain in the *** for you.

    I've seen it happen and it's ridiculous. Anyway...

    05-28-2012 06:34 AM
  9. Lenerdosy's Avatar
    not only do i keep all of my Apple packaging but i do it with everything else in my fricking life!

    i really need to see someone about that..
    Half my basement is filled with boxes. Fortunately I use them slowly as packaging for christmas presents.
    05-28-2012 07:18 AM
  10. SterkOks's Avatar
    I still have my iPhone box, the only reason I got rid of my iPod 4 box was that it was sitting on my bedroom floor and somehow got cracked several dozen times, so it wasn't worth keeping it... Besides I no longer have the iPod I generally keep them, they are beautiful.
    05-28-2012 08:52 AM
  11. zstairlessone's Avatar
    two iPhones, an iPad, the smart cover - yep and all the receipts. I don't keep for anything I no longer own and don't keep packaging for other stuff - so what does that mean??
    05-28-2012 03:21 PM
  12. jsigler's Avatar
    I find that a buyer will pay more if you have the original packaging. Even if that is a dollar that is more for me and less for my local landfill.
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    05-28-2012 08:13 PM
  13. zwoof's Avatar
    I keep all my apple boxes. They're well designed to hold their products. I store my macbook in my box because it fit in there so well as all the apple products. The only box I don't have is the one from my 8 yr old ipod.
    05-29-2012 08:23 PM
  14. whmurray's Avatar
    I keep all of my boxes because I tell my self I'm going to sell it when the next gen comes out. Yeah... I've never done that. They are still too useful to have around for me to sell.
    I do not sell them but I do give them away. Part of the pleasure of getting an Apple product is the cool packaging.
    05-29-2012 10:08 PM
  15. ModeratorOMD's Avatar
    I would suppose you could even use those Apple stickers to seal the box!
    05-29-2012 11:34 PM
  16. greasemuntney's Avatar
    I still have all the iPhone boxes that we still use. I keep them for resale value and still have every Apple sticker that has ever came with any of my products. I even have my MBA box with all packaging stored just like the iPhone boxes. Just a pet peeve I guess.
    05-30-2012 06:21 AM
  17. 1982ollie's Avatar
    Yes - I keep everything. Helps when you come to sell for one reason.
    05-30-2012 06:38 AM
  18. dlcrouch's Avatar
    I do keep them - they are small and I can hide them from the wife. Any empty box she sees goes right to the recycle bin.
    05-30-2012 07:13 AM
  19. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    not only do i keep all of my Apple packaging but i do it with everything else in my fricking life!

    i really need to see someone about that..
    You and me both. My front bedroom is full of boxes with receipts and paperwork jammed inside. If I buy a new DVD player, the box is kept plus the receipt and paperwork, just in case. Only after the item breaks or if I give it away does the box and paperwork get thrown out. My Apple box is in my bedroom behind my TV. Paperwork for it from Verizon is crammed inside.
    05-30-2012 08:11 AM
  20. andrewturner's Avatar
    I even keep the boxes of stuff I don't own anymore, like my original iPhone, which I sold years ago...buyer didn't want the box, and it's still at the bottom of the pile of iPhone boxes
    can you help me? im new to this website. i need help with my iphone and i wanted to create a new thread. how do i do this?
    05-30-2012 08:16 AM
  21. whmurray's Avatar
    can you help me? im new to this website. i need help with my iphone and i wanted to create a new thread. how do i do this?
    I will leave it to Rene to enforce the rules here but there is a general rule that newbies should not create new threads. If you are a newbie both to the iPhone and the forum, you should explore the existing threads before doing anything By the time you have explored the existing threads ro find the one that best fits your question, you will likely have found your answer. In any case, you will no longer be a newbie.
    05-30-2012 09:59 AM
  22. E Pow's Avatar
    I keep all my boxes from my Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Magic Mouse, etc...) and I keep the receipt inside of the boxes. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one doing so. My wife ask me all the time why, and I have no explanation other than becuase I want too. What's stranger is I actually enjoy looking at them as they are all lined up on a self in my computer room by box size. Sometimes I open them to re-live the magic from the day I bought the device, LOL. I guess I'm strange.
    06-01-2012 10:11 AM
  23. felface's Avatar
    yer they're so nice and provide a very nice solution for re-packing but i keep it mostly cos i think of it as memrobillia
    06-01-2012 03:05 PM
  24. rayz336's Avatar
    Only for my current iPhone
    05-19-2014 07:42 AM
  25. Septembersrain's Avatar
    I keep them for all the devices I have bought. I think it helps me resell if I'm inclined to do so. ^_^

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    05-19-2014 07:47 AM
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