1. devilxvergil's Avatar
    hi guys, i saw some att iphone 4s going off cheap on ebay. im guessing they are locked to att still. but the seller told me that he will be able to activate the phone before shipping out and that he will send a unused att sim card along too.

    so will i be able to jailbreak and unlock the activated ip4s to be used with other carriers worldwide ?
    03-20-2012 01:39 AM
  2. devilxvergil's Avatar
    no one? ??
    03-20-2012 05:30 AM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    Double check the jailbreak and unlock thread, but the last I'd looked there was still no unlock for the 4S.
    03-20-2012 05:33 AM
  4. Eileen89's Avatar
    If the 4S that you are getting from eBay comes with iOS 5.0.1 you can jailbreak it. There is no JB available for the 4S running iOS 5.1 so if that is the case with the one you receive you will have to wait.

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    03-21-2012 05:29 AM