Does “not eligible at this time” mean it will never be eligible?


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Oct 6, 2018
Does "At this time" sim free Xs's are not eligible for the trade up program mean that they are never going to be so eligible, or does it mean that in a month or two they will be eligible?


I have owned two iPhone (6s+ and 7+, the latter being an actual trade up from the former) purchased through the trade up program. Both were sim free when I purchased them. I had to ensure that they were on a carrier plan before walking out of the store, but I was still able to purchase the sim-free model, which I wanted because I wanted to ensure that I got a phone that could be used on all 4 of the primary US carriers.

As I understand it, the ATT models (I'm currently on ATT, but I want to be able to switch to Verizon if circumstances warrant) cannot be used on Verizon for the lack of a CDMA radio. That is why I made sure to go sim-free.

This was no problem for the 6s+, but trading to the 7+ was a problem. Originally the Apple phone help person said that the sim free models weren't eligible for the trade up program (something the in styore person told my wife a few weeks earlier when she bought a 7, which we ended up just buying outright.

A month or so later, however, I walked into an Apple store, asked a salesperson whether I could get do the trade up for a sim free phone, and got the answer "Oh sure, no problem", and a frustrating hour of bureaucratic nonsense later i had my phone.

I put this down to getting ignorant and lazy salespeople originally, but maybe they just weren't eligible for the first month or two.


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Jan 8, 2012
Re: Apple iPhone trade up program and simfree phones

It means that they are currently not eligible and may be eligible in the near future.

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