1. billyg900's Avatar
    I'd actually like to see the home button on the iPhone replaced with a "gesture area" a la webOS phones. I just migrated to an iPhone from my old Palm Pre, and that's definitely a hardware feature I miss.

    yes i miss this as well, was nice to be able to swipe to go back

    The home button should be back light just like the pre as well

    and a touch stone charger would be nice too.....
    11-28-2011 07:23 AM
  2. folgrz's Avatar
    LED Notification light

    Micro-sd storage/Running apps from SD Card (this will never happen)

    Ability to delete Stock iOS programs (available after jailbreak?)
    11-28-2011 01:24 PM
  3. adamkesher's Avatar
    Slightly bigger screen, maybe a quick launch button for the camera.
    11-28-2011 01:31 PM
  4. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    Slightly bigger screen, maybe a quick launch button for the camera.
    Not a quick launch but if your phone is locked you can double-tap the home button and in the lower right corner, tap the camera button. Beats having to go through entering a password if you want to get a quick shot.
    11-28-2011 02:45 PM
  5. CBMem's Avatar
    -LED Notification light.
    -Customizable sounds and notifications for each account, and Sound Profiles.
    -Camera that produces pictures that display in the proper orientation when transferred to PC (seriously, do they test ANYTHING?)
    -Ability to add ringtones/songs by drag and drop in Explorer rather than needing iTunes.
    -Ability to use regular mp3's or aac's as ringtones.
    -Ability to add multiple attachments to emails.
    -Setting to allow screen to dim after certain amount of time WITHOUT locking, then lock after another period of time passes. Hate being in a drawn-out text/messenger conversation and having to unlock after every response.
    -User replaceable battery.
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    11-29-2011 12:36 PM
  6. derk's Avatar
    a jailbreak...
    Ditto. Three weeks ago, I sold jailbroken iphone 4 and was able to buy a 4S from the proceeds. I am going through jailbreak withdrawal.

    What would make my 4S perfect is tlert, sbsettings, infinidock, folder enhancer, winterboard themes.
    11-29-2011 05:21 PM
  7. anon(39328)'s Avatar
    Actual music/media syncing software that doesn't completely suck. iTunes software has to be the biggest POS software i've used in several years. 95% of the problems i have with my iDevices are somehow related to the crappy itunes software (by the way, this includes iTunes Match). And yes... I totally pulled that percentage straight from my a**, but I doubt it's very far from 95%.
    11-29-2011 09:39 PM
  8. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    ^Yeah, I'm not a fan of the iTunes monopoly either. I miss the simplicity of drag and drop!
    11-29-2011 10:59 PM
  9. Bias X's Avatar
    iPhone app store, hardware, and itunes...... with webOS operating system.

    I can dream can't i?
    11-29-2011 11:14 PM
  10. DZD's Avatar
    I'd love it if there was an icon on all screens that indicates that you have it in silence mode (speaker with slash through it).

    Also, the auto-brightness doesn't seem to make a difference - I expected it to dim the screen when I walk from the outdoors into a movie theatre - maybe I'm missing it - but I don't notice it work at all.

    Make the keypad size larger when a call has been initiated. While making the call it's large but after you connect and show the keyboard it's smaller.

    Ability to attach a picture when replying to an email - currently you have to go to the picture first then email it.

    Same with facebook - after I take a picture, I'd love to be able to upload it to facebook without first having to launch the facebook app.

    Enhance the accessibility zoom option - currently a tripple tap zooms it to a preset amount - it would be cool to be able to pinch in and out and allow for more magnification.

    When that's all done - give it a bigger screen, make it thinner, unbreakable and unscratchable and sexier - that's all.
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    11-29-2011 11:16 PM
  11. DANNCAS's Avatar
    YES the Email is lacking so much. I hate that I cant just do anything from withing the mail and hate that I have to open other app to do it. Maybe enough to sell the phone. I email alot in a days time. Apples way of doing email stinks its so backwards. Non productive
    11-30-2011 07:22 PM
  12. tammy97768's Avatar
    I think it's really good except battery problems..
    12-01-2011 03:22 AM
  13. DZD's Avatar
    Another idea - have the ability to specify text on the lock screen - similar to "Owner Info" on the blackberry.
    12-02-2011 03:01 PM
  14. DANNCAS's Avatar
    another idea - have the ability to specify text on the lock screen - similar to "owner info" on the blackberry.
    you said the bb word lol:d
    12-04-2011 08:43 AM
  15. bessielee2011's Avatar
    Many things that make a phone better kill the battery. Enjoy your phone instead of worrying about the battery.
    You are correct. Battery is really a problem. You can consider to use a back-up battery, such as MiPow power tube 5500 or 6600. Easy to take, easy to use. The 2 can matach well.
    12-05-2011 11:52 PM
  16. DANNCAS's Avatar
    I had a samsung Galaxy S2 and that is a very very poor lucky to get 6 -7 hours. The Blackberry 12 two 2 days.
    12-09-2011 04:08 AM
  17. sbalchand's Avatar
    Ability to scroll the cursor back and forth to edit text while typing.
    Editing words/lines currently is quite cumbersome. I dread writing emails longer than a couple lines.
    A bigger screen.
    12-09-2011 07:54 AM
  18. Totalimmortal363's Avatar
    I'll say this again, seems like it needs repeating.


    It's apples way or the highway, seems a lot of you need to choose the highway....
    12-10-2011 10:19 AM
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