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    So this morning I checked the software update on my MacBook and it said I could update to iTunes 10.5 .. Actually it said "Mac OS X Update" but I think I remember it saying iTunes and Safari were both included in that update. Anyways, I downloaded the updates, took about 45 mins, and then restarted the MacBook, it automatically installed the updates .. And first thing I do is open up iTunes and click on "About" to verify the update ... But when the info scrolls it still says iTunes 10.4.1 instead of 10.5 .. Why is that??

    Here's a little back story that may help:

    I had the iOS 5 betas a while back on my iPhone and the betas for iTunes 10.5 ... However, I wanted to downgrade my iOS back to 4.3.3 to jailbreak again, but by doing so I also needed to downgrade my iTunes. For some reason it wouldn't let me just download an older version of iTunes and install it to replace the 10.5 betas, so I had to enter some kind of command code in my "terminal" app on the MacBook, and then move the playlist folder from my iTunes folder and rename it. If that makes sense. After that I was able to install the earlier version (10.4.1) of iTunes and subsequently downgrade my iOS. Do you think that whatever command code I entered in Terminal is preventing it from upgrading to 10.5? I went back to Software Update and it says all software is up to date so I can't reinstall ... I don't know what to do or where to go from here.

    Thanks in advance.
    10-12-2011 03:59 PM