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    hey guys,

    got a quick question. I jailbroke my 4.2.8 with snowbreeze and my speed intensifier isnt working properly. I never had this problem with software v4.2.6

    Itll work after I respring, but then a few moments later, its back to its original spec speeds. Sometimes once I open an app, itll work again, but only in that app, and once I get out of it, its back to its oem speeds.

    Then Ill repsring again, and itll happen again and again.

    It wont just work throughout the day. Ill have to repsring 5-10 times a day depending on how much im using my phone, or if I get frustrated and stop respringing until the next day.

    Ive deleted it, reinstalled it, rebooted, resprung, and in a million diff combinations, and still no luck.

    Im running speed intensifier v4.8

    any thoughts?

    could snowbreeze be the problem? I used snowbreeze for software v4.2.8, but used greenpoison for v4.2.6.
    05-24-2011 06:13 PM
  2. dbkid0486's Avatar
    05-27-2011 11:20 AM
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    Try posting in the Jailbreak forum. Can't help you here as my phone is no longer jailbroken.
    05-27-2011 11:53 AM