I downgraded my iPhone 4 from 7.1.2 to 6.1.3 and now the screen is dim black.


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It's a tethered boot downgrade and I didn't use SHSH blobs It was working until I stored it away when I was about to use it again since the power on/off button is jammed I pressed the home button, no response there were scrolling lines of code on it few minutes ago, though the backlight looks like it was invisibly but I but it in DFU MODE and then tethered booted it again and then It wouldn't turn on again it was stuck on the black screen it was currently on, So I tried everything again, to realize it wasn't going to work the backlight had turned on and the screen then turned on and then there a dim black light and the charging sound of ios 6 came on I swiped where the slide to unlock was and heard an unlock sound yet I could only see dim black light on the screen not the home page I used a ipsw for the iPhone 4 from IPSW.me it said it wasn't assigned for it does that have to do anything with it if not AND if I don't get a solution for this ill just smash the iPhone 4 to pieces as It just only collects dust and is worth nothing anymore and takes a lot of room in my small slot where it is placed currently its a white iPhone 4 8GB model NO.## A1332, GSM pretty sure its an atnt locked I don't know and was manufactured on my birthday May 27th, 2012 (and no im not 6 years old may 27 is my birthday.)


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Jan 8, 2012
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Hopefully, someone who is familiar with Jailbreaking will be able to assist you soon.

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