How to get the 'eBlocker' working properly on macOS??


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Apr 13, 2015
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I have a problem;

Since yesterday I have an eBlocker (to be able to prevent ads/spam/tracking through the hardware), because I want to regain my privacy.

However I can't get the device to work properly... I can get it installed, only to be left with A LOT of connection issues;
Some websites get loaded without pictures, some websites don't load at all, some websites give an 'not accurate ssl-certificate'-error, Bitdefender has bad acces to its servers resulting in bo/bad updates, Dropbox loses its connection to its servers on a regular base.
The eBlocker menu-icon does show up every now and then, but only on very few websites (so I didn't do EVERYTHING wrong).

- So to be able to use my internet normally again, I decided to detach the eBlocker again and gave my router a factory reset, making everything work perfectly again!
But... of course this is not the intention, I really want to get my eBlocker working properly.
Before buying the eBlocker I checked the official website in order to find out if it would work with my current hardware/software configuration, and it's clearly being said it shouldn't have too many issues.
What am I ding wrong??

* Can someone tell me in FULL detail, how to get it working properly?

I admit, I'm not an IT-professional nor am I a tweaker, but I do know more than the general household person... so I assume it should be relatively easy to get things working?


• macOS Sierra 10.12.6

• Safari

• AVM FRITZ!Box 7360 - Firmware 06.83 (latest version)
On eBlocker's website ( it's stated I should turn of my router's DHCP server...
However I can't find any clear explanation how to do this on my FRITZ!Box 7360, I came across some instructions on Google, but they're all based on a different firmware version of which the menu looks completely different making it impossible to find the proper settings.

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