1. iRooney's Avatar
    If I am listening to a podcast on my iPhone, is there a way to continue where I left off on my iPad without syncing back to iTunes? I know there's an app for OSX that will let you transition song statuses from iDevice to computer, just wondering if there is a way to do this between two iDevices (kind of like the iBooks app syncs your status to the iTunes server so you can continue where you left off). I would think this would be built into the device, but alas, it is not.
    05-06-2011 06:10 PM
  2. wboyle3's Avatar
    Pretty sure that at this point that only works by plugging both devices in to iTunes and syncing them. I think there is some sort of support for this through airplay also, if you have apple tv. But just iPhone and iPad alone do not sync wirelessly like this, unfortunately.
    05-07-2011 02:08 PM