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    okay first of all im sorry if the title is a little bit confusing cause i dont know how to describe the problem that im having
    anyway i bought my iphone 4 few months ago and waited to be jailbreaked .
    today i successfully jailbreaked it using pwnagetool and its been running perfectly since then
    but i restore usingthe custom IPSW and i didnt restore from my "backup" as i want to start a "fresh" contact, mail, etc i have no problems cause it was sync with my mac and mobile me.

    the problems is the photo that i took before from my iphone 4
    i used to sync my iphone and all the photo is on the iphoto library

    is there anyway i can make the "old" photos that i took with my iphone to the current camera roll ?

    and therees another new folder inside my iphone photo app thats called "Photo Library" but it contain all the pic that i have before, not only the one that i took with my phone beforem but also all from other folders such as wallpapers and other things,
    ijust want to keep my phone "organized" so can anybody help me ?
    thank you.
    02-19-2011 01:55 PM