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  1. DMBAdict04's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to set-up my email on the exchange server and well to put it plainly, the people that manage our server think nothing is ever their fault. I used the credentials they told me to use and then they said to call Apple tech support (which I know is BS); it has to be a server issue.

    I enter the following

    email: username @
    Username: *******
    Password: *******

    The IT people told me they just deal with protocols etc etc...Is there anything on their side I can tell them directly that will ensure that the server is set-up properly? Thank you!
    07-29-2009 09:07 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    Are you getting an error message? What is happening (or not happening) when you try to get your email?
    07-29-2009 09:48 AM
  3. DMBAdict04's Avatar
    When it initially goes to verify, it says "Unable to Verify Certificate"

    I hit "Accept"

    Then it asks for the server in which I put in what I was told to put in by the people that manage our server. (

    Then at the top it says exchange account verification failed...*I have read that if you entered in the info correctly, just hit next and everything should work. However, when i go into the mailbox an error message comes up: "Cannot Get Mail, the connection to the server failed"

    I tried sending an email and this does not work either.


    Edit: By the way, I used a BlackBerry on exchange before and had no issues. Although, BB did not ask for a server name just my username/password.
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    07-29-2009 09:59 AM
  4. flyingember's Avatar
    f you go to a browser for web mail is the domain the same as you're using for activesync? (i.e. it's not something like

    if you have webmail, are they using a ssl cert for it? can you go to https://webmaildomain and it works

    did they setup the activesync virtual directory on the email server? can you go to and it gives you a login box? Ours forwards to exchange.

    activesync looks for a cert by default. If you can save the settings in the exchange setup and then go back into the exchange mailbox setup->account info and turn off the cert does it work?

    I used a BlackBerry on exchange
    You used a blackberry with BES. The blackberry enterprice server talks to exchange. Activesync has no intermediary.
    07-29-2009 12:55 PM
  5. jamesus's Avatar
    Your IT department needs to enable Activesync on their end for you to connect to it.
    07-29-2009 02:20 PM