1. sh01's Avatar
    I just updated my 3g to the 3.0 software and now my apps wont work... The ones that came on the phone originally still work fine, but anything that I have gotten for free or paid for from the app store comes up for about a second and then the window closes. Any ideas?
    06-29-2009 01:30 PM
  2. cobra302's Avatar
    it depends on what apps arent working. some of them are not compatible with the new 3.0 os yet. i've got a few that wont do anything either. the one that immdieatly comes to mind is the camera app that lets you zoom in. it just opens, then shows a black screen, then closes back up.
    06-29-2009 01:38 PM
  3. sh01's Avatar
    My You Tube, Weather, Stocks, etc (the ones that were on the phone out of the box are doing fine, but EVERY single one that I have gotten from the app store opens for about a second and then closes itself. These would be Facebook, USA Today, AroundMe...
    I have shut off the phone off, did the restart by holding the power and home buttons at the same time, restart from the settings menu. I've deleted the apps and then reinstalled them... All with no luck
    06-29-2009 01:49 PM