1. kunalashar's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 2G, 8GB, FW 2.2, jailbroken.

    The Problem
    • The iPhone is unable to reply to/forward any existing mails when it is connected over Wifi.
    • However, it is able to send all existing and new mails when it is connected over EDGE.
    • It is also able to send emails that originate from the iPhone; that is, I create a new email on my iPhone and send it.

    Wifi Connection Is Not A Problem
    I have 2 separate laptops connected to the Wifi, and the internet on both works fine. I am able to browse the net, and send and receive emails using multiple clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. I am also able to browse the net using iPhone's Sarafi mobile browser, when connected to the Wifi.

    Wifi Security Is Not A Problem
    My Wifi is WPA-PSK secured, but I have the same problem even when I remove all wireless security (open).

    Problem With All Mail Servers
    I have multiple email accounts configured, including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and several POP3 and IMAP servers. I am able to receive emails on ALL of them, but cannot reply to or forward any emails on ANY of them on the iPhone.
    I am, however, able to send emails that are created on the iPhone, from the from all of them.

    Has anyone faced this problem and found a solution? Or could someone please suggest a workaround?

    Thanks in advance.
    02-04-2009 04:40 AM
  2. keithp318's Avatar
    try going into a store unless its unlocked
    03-08-2009 11:37 AM
  3. Txdogs's Avatar
    I have a 3g Iphone and have the same problem with my Charter Cable account. BUT it is even documented on their web site that I will not be able to 'reply' to an email over wi-fi. So I have to be tricky. Either I turn off wi-fi to respond to an email or I reply using one of my other accounts like my Mobile Me account. Annoying but that's how I handle it. And I am not jail broken.
    03-09-2009 06:16 AM
  4. kunalashar's Avatar
    Turned out to be a weird bug; when I have multiple email accounts configured, including at least 1 custom IMAP account, sending over wifi fails, for all accounts.
    03-09-2009 07:06 AM