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    Hey guys,

    Brand new to the forums and i seem to be having an interesting situation that i need help on. I have never really used an iPhone 3gs before and i find myself lost as to what to do next.

    My problem:
    Battery is completely dead, not taking charge at all but when plugged into computer the phone turns on and gets into recovery mode. All i have is recovery mode and i am trying to get my phone back to life and have run into several guides that look to get me back up and running. The phone is from AT&T but i would require it to be unlocked so i can use here. The previous owner, my brother, jailbroke this thing and now left it to me like this all messed up.

    I followed this guide when i get error 20 on itunes:
    How to Fix Error 20″ On iPhone 3GS / 3G
    Which got to the point where i was downgrading "apparently" to 4.21 and the phone started back up and i could see the apple logo and right above the home button some loading circle. Then all of a sudden the phone turns off and restarts and goes back into recovery mode and error 20 pops up again.

    Yikes, i am unsure if its because the battery is completely dead (got another one on the way) but its plugged into the computer and i figured that would sufficient in terms of getting the phone up and running again

    Also forgot to add, sometimes when i actually think the phone is going to take the restore it restarts to the apple logo and turns off again and restarts in a constant loop.

    Any thoughts?
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    89 views and no one has a comment, i assume this thing is for the trash can!
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