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    I have two phones, one being a BB and the other an iPhone 3GS with FW3.1. I bought a Plantronics 975 Bluetooth headset. Had no problems using the multipoint pairing option to pair with both phones. Here's where the problem comes in...

    When making calls with the BB + 975, it's fine. No noise.

    When making calls with the iPhone + 975, it's horrid. Static, lots of noise and calls cut in and out.

    Obviously, since the headset works fine with the BB (and with other phones - Motorola and Palm - I've tested on) I'm confident I can conclude it's the iPhone itself that presents the problem.

    I contacted Plantronics tech support and they state:

    "The iPhone is known to exhibit a higher level of acoustic distortion through BT v2.1+EDR headsets like the Discovery 975 than is experienced by users of phones from other manufacturers. Updating to Apple FW 3.0 improves the issue to some degree but does not eliminate the distortion completely."

    So am I completely screwed here? Has anyone else experience similar problems? Were you able to find a solution?

    BTW, my iPhone 3GS is less than a week old and working properly.
    09-10-2009 10:10 PM