1. CLUTCH#IM's Avatar
    hey guys im new here, ive been researching this question for alittle bit i havent found a real clear answer to it.

    i have a iphone 3g that i bought from a friend that i jailbroke using blackra1n and just have been using it on airplane mode as a wifi ipod

    i have a samsung impression phone (non smartphone) from at&t, on a family plan with 700min and unlimited texting and ive been looking how to use the SIM from my old phone in the iphone without adding the data plan because i dont need it, just call/ text and use the wifi for internet

    i read about using bossprefs from cydia or the fake APN package from unlockit.co.nz to disable the edge and 3g networks.

    has anyone had any experience in the same situation im in?

    im just wondering if anyone here has experience with a switch sim card to a iphone 3g and using a program from the jailbreak to completely eliminate any chances of data charges and not having apple charge you for data fees
    10-24-2010 12:03 AM
  2. swooshme's Avatar
    I didn't use a program to disable the apn. But my old 3GS was connected to wifi and I took the sim from my moms samsung impression and put it in for maybe 2 minutes. Never went on 3G, but did make a phone call. Put the sim back in impression and 2 weeks later when my mom got her phone bill they had added the iPhone plan to it even though she wasn't even using the iPhone.
    10-24-2010 12:53 AM
  3. crystus's Avatar
    You can use that to fake the apn but that will not do anything for you. the system that they use called snooper is IMEI based. So it doesn't matter whether or not you fake your apn they will know you have an iPhone. And as swoosh said they will add the plan to your account.
    10-24-2010 01:40 AM
  4. CLUTCH#IM's Avatar
    alright thanks guys, i heard alot of stories from either side and i was pretty confused,

    even if i would want to start using the iphone i could just put my sim card in the iphone and i will get charged/ be added the data plan pretty soon?

    i just dont want to start using the iphone and be getting charged for data that would be more than the iphone data plan ( which is 30$ a month i think?)
    10-24-2010 03:25 PM
  5. Llmnky's Avatar
    My Mom has a BB and before I put the sim card in it I went to the AT&T store and had them put an internet block on the phone. That worked for me she just uses it for calling and texting. FYI some AT&T store will do it for you some places wont.

    Hope this helps,
    10-24-2010 03:56 PM