1. anon(9132077)'s Avatar
    I had a period of time when I bought my new Pro after not having an iPad for a few years. I didn't use it much and thought I wasted the money. Just recently picked it up again and I missed it! Want to fully utilize this thing! Now my MacBook Air is going to be neglected
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    12-23-2016 01:32 PM
  2. zachpenguin's Avatar
    I hear ya. I gave my iPad mini up a long time ago because I didn't feel the need for it. My aging MacBook Pro is getting harder and harder to travel with. My new iPad Pro is arriving today. Should the FedEx truck ever get here.
    12-23-2016 01:34 PM
    I had the iPad Pro before and I got rid of it cuz I felt like I was negelecting my MacBook Air 11 inch. But now I miss my pro so I got it back just going to utilize both.
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    01-29-2017 08:07 AM
  4. anon(5719825)'s Avatar
    I kind of did the same thing with my iPad Mini 2. I put it away in a drawer for a few months and then got it out a few days ago. I realized once again how awesome this thing is.

    Wednesday, I went out and bought a 9.7" iPad Pro. I'm keeping the Mini as well for something small enough to take to work occasionally or in the car and I'll use the Pro mostly at home although I got the cellular version on it as well.

    I realize that a new one will be coming out in a few months but I really don't care.
    02-02-2017 01:23 AM
  5. NeilWhitear's Avatar
    I have the Pro 9.7 with Smart Keyboard and Pencil, however much I try I cannot seem to maximize and fully utilize the iPad, the one area where I do use it heavily is using the Apple Pencil to take notes in meetings with Notability.

    It always seems when I try to make the most of the iPad I always seem to revert back to my 11" MacBook Air, as it's lightweight, great keyboard and a full-blown OS.

    However I wish you well on your attempt with the iPad and keen to know how you get on...
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    02-02-2017 04:53 AM
  6. Evilguppy's Avatar
    I officially retired my 2012 MBA when I got my baby pro. I have the pencil which I use all the time, i don't use the keyboard, and my iPad serves all my computing needs.
    Since I'm always on the go, it's ideal for me.
    02-16-2017 09:05 PM
  7. moshe5368's Avatar
    I have both the 9.7 and the 12.10 iPad pros. I use them both. The larger pro runs my trucking business and the 9.7 is my go-to device for everything else. Both are 128 gig devices and I have the keyboard and pencil for both. I sold my MBA after spending a week with the pro. I use iCloud, Box, and Dropbox for storage so really have no need for a laptop or desktop machine.
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    02-16-2017 10:38 PM

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