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    I purchased SBRotator and love how it works, I then purchased Infinifolders so I would have only one screen on my springboard. When I install one it removes the other no mater what order I install them. The Dev was no help, they basically blamed it on the other Dev and weren't willing to help me resolve it or give me a refund.

    Does anyone else have both installed? Is there a trick?

    02-20-2011 05:35 PM
  2. thunderkeys's Avatar
    They are not compatible, there is no trick. The Cydia package lists the infini* products as conflicts:

    ModMyi.com | SBRotator for 4.x
    Conflicts: com.chpwn.infinidock, com.chpwn.infiniboard, com.chpwn.infinifolders, com.modmyi.multitaskingtime, org.thebigboss.appswitcherrotator, com.xsellize.appswitcherrotator, net.limneos.sbrotator

    Tweet from limneos about it: Twitter

    Maybe FolderEnhancher (which has some feature overlap with Infinifolders) would work, but that's yet another purchase.
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    02-20-2011 06:05 PM
  3. WreakingHavoc's Avatar
    Thank you! You gave me more info and help than the Dev did. I guess I should look closer for that kind of info when in Cydia, I've been spoiled by The App Store. Will look for Folder Enhancer.

    02-20-2011 07:41 PM