1. porksoda's Avatar
    I posted this issue on the main ip forum and i had resolved it myself.

    Basically depending on the event the lock screen slider changes.

    e.g if the phone is locked and i get a voicmail instead of it saying slide to unlock it would say slide to listen to voicemail and many times i was thinking i was unlocking but my phone was dialing voicemail. To fix the issue all i would do is read the slide text before sliding as it could have been a few items... to get rid of the slide to listen to voicemail i hit the sleep buttom again to change it to slide to unlock.

    Now that i have jb'd the phone.. is there a way to disable that feature? i.e when screen is locked and if i unlock i don't want it to go to voicemail just unlock and ill go to vm in my own time.
    11-18-2010 07:24 PM