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    I've just finished restoring my iPhone and woke up this morning and it's frozen and won't complete boot passed the apple logo, again!! This keeps looping into the boot again. It take me ages to fully restore it and the Jb settings which I've read somewhere you can back-up. Can I try anything to avoid putting it in DNF mode and restoring, like a home/power button sequence or run an external boot with a program or something like iDongle?

    Both my iPhones crashed 12hours apart. First crash at night, so took the sim card out in the morning and put it in the other phone - and then it crashed the same way a few hours later while I wasn't using it. Sim Card Responsible?? Was the only common variable besides similar Jb settings. When I restored them both I didn't get my messages, call register or photos restored on either iPhone. I think it backing up an empty phone over the iPhone back up file. Can't work out why it would do this.

    So I've been trying iPhone Backup Extractor. Anyone else used a registered version. It kinda works ok although $25 dollars lighter. Any other program do this for WinXP as I can't find anything. Ot only let's you run full options on you most current back up which in my case I think have been cleaned. Try it tomorrow on my main phones backup but it work on the spare.

    I'm convinced you should try getting 2 iPhones. it's got way more advanagrs besides using it as my test subject. When the battery runs out by mid afternoon it's a simple sim exchange and I'm back instantly with 100% power. It's a very expensive back-up battery. While on the iPhone you can google fact, book the restaurant or take that pic while your still on the phone to your mum. While your iPhone has replaced your Dj at your house warming you have to stop the music cause your mums calling about the restaurant booking. You can leave nessary apps running say like on the freeway while your communicating on the other. When the small kids run up so happy to see you, asking 'can we use your iPhone?' you can give them the stunt double with all the games on it so they can run that flat and you don't have to take it off them when the phone rings. The list goes on but enough about my two phone elastic band theory. Back to the simple question. Can I get this thing to boot without restore and why didn't I get a full data restore??


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