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    I need a simple driver that uses either the wifi or bluetooth radios for timestamping and sending/recieving of nonstandard messages without interferring with the wifi or bluetooth functionality on the device.

    Obviously someone will have to not only know alot about how this works at a very low level but they will have to think outside the box to make it happen (which is why I am asking this in the hackers section). The message bursts will be very short (4 bytes including overhead), occur only once every 100ms LAN wide and will not be subject to congestion. Obviously this is not a high throughput application, however the timestamp and a fixed propagation delay (delay of up to 100 ms but with little or no jitter to the delay) is very very important down to ns resolution. So it must be very low level, noninterruptable itself and the first interrupt taken when something comes in on the radio.

    One driver will simply need to record and timestamp (using the local clock) receipt of the message (interrupt driven) into a queue being read asynchronously by a higher layer application. While another will not need to timestamp the message but will need to resend on a separate predefined channel the message received with any amount of delay but little to no jitter (+/- 1 ns) in the delay. These two drivers will never operate within the same device and only the timestamp driver need even reside in an iPhone. The relay message driver could operate on any LAN device in the network but an iPhone or iTouch would work as well. Cellular capability is not a requirement.

    If you understand this and think you can help (admittedly it may not even be possible with this device and the onboard clock) please contact ASAP. It will not be used for anything illegal. Just a killer application with a huge potential market.

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