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  1. md2433's Avatar
    Thank You in advance of any help;

    Wife & I both have 3GS iPhones. "Love Em"

    Friend upgrades as well to 3GS. GIVES me his old 2G 8G. 2G has no sim card. I was just using it as an iPod with no problems. I decide to upgrade 2G to new iPhone 3.01. Hooked 2G up to iTunes and did the upgrade.

    Now for the problem;

    2G with upgrade hooked up to iTunes wants to Activate iPhone! Ok, now what do I do? Do I take my sim card out of my 3GS and place it in the 2G? If I do that and Activate the 2G can I take the sim card out and place it back in the 3GS without a problem? Is AT&T going to "ADD" another phone to our plan?

    All I want to do at this point is have use of the 2G again for the iPod part! What a mess I have done. I should have checked with this Forum FIRST!!!

    What Do I Do PLEASE?

    I Have NOOOOOO Jailbraking Exp At All. Any HELP to this Noob is needed Please! I have searched many different sites and "how to's" and I am ONE CONFUSED MAN! I follow instructions well and would somebody direct me to what I need to do Please

    Thank You So Much
    08-07-2009 09:27 AM
  2. warrior321's Avatar
    well jailbreaking is very simple and i recommend it and think you will love it, im surprised you've made it here through the site without actually jailbreaking your phone:P
    i would give u the direct link but i cant post links cuz im new here anyways just follow this trail on the forums and there are some nice tutorials

    The iPhone Blog Forums > iPhone Central > iPhone Jailbreak and Unlock

    08-07-2009 02:44 PM
  3. Matt74's Avatar
    Swapping the sim cards will be fine.

    Edit: OK, I'll add some more information; I want to make sure you aren't worried.

    Right now, your 3G iPhone is just looking for a valid AT&T SIM card. It doesn't matter what SIM card you use. Popping the SIM out of your 3GS and using it in the 2G is exactly what you need to do. It's not worth the hassle of restoring and jailbreaking again, just to hactivate your iPhone.

    Plus, it's always better to use something valid instead of something that's hacked, if you can.

    AT&T will not modify your plan in anyway.
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    08-07-2009 10:57 PM
  4. tys's Avatar
    HI, I'm new here, but I'm trying the exact same thing.....
    I put SIM from my activated 3GS into the old iPhone (1st gen) and iTunes promted for account info and started going through the steps to activate a new phone, giving specifics of rate plans, costs, etc.
    It seems like it was going to set up a new account and I was afraid I'd get charged for a new line or something.
    So can someone confirm that if I continue with activation of the old iPhone and then swap the SIM back to the 3GS, I won't screw anything up, or end up with charges for an extra line?
    Many Thanks!
    10-19-2009 09:49 PM