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    TiPb's curious -- how do you use the iPhone for your job?

    We want some real life stories, some real world experience. We want to know what it's like to use the iPhone in your line of work (and yes, being a student or caregiver or stay-at-home parent or even... politician, counts as work!)

    1. Tell us what your job is.
    2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPhone during your workday. Tell us the *story*.
    3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the iPhone makes your job easier?
    4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.

    And... That's it!

    We'll be picking one reply every week or two and including it in a post right on the front page of TiPb.com. If/when your post gets picked, not only do you get your name (or username) up in lights, you get a sweet $20 iTunes gift certificate for your trouble! And yes, we will prioritize based on how awesome, how funny, how tragic, how well written, how inspiring, how disappointing, -- generally how memorable your entry is. So bring it!

    So what are you waiting for, tell us how you use your iPhone for your job?
    05-18-2010 01:52 PM
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    1. Graphic / Web Designer

    2. I use the email app more than anything to regrettably communicate with people who have no idea what they are talking about..

    3. Mail to talk to clients, Phone to have them waste my minutes, Safari for looking at the ridiculous websites they want their product to look like, PS Mobile for quick proofing (rarely, but it's come in handy), LogMeIn Ignition to access files on the go.
    05-18-2010 02:16 PM
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    1. I am in F&B Management/Sales

    2. I use email all day every day...lol.... I have a exchange account that use daily. I also use the notes app daily to keep little notes to review at the end of the day.

    3. Mail i use this to communicate with both customers and co-workers. Phone again communicate with both customers and co-workers. iPod when I am sitting at my desk working, it helps me to have music or a podcast playing in the background. Calendar helps me keep my work life in order, lots of meetings with co-workers and customers to keep track of. Maps sometimes i have to go out on the town for sales calls, this maps keeps me from getting lost...lol
    05-18-2010 02:33 PM
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    1. Programmer Analyst working with Clinical Applications

    2. For work I use Exchange email to keep up with the frequent cc'd emails that have nothing to do with me.. and calendar to acceptment the thousands of unecessary meetings.. I get calls when I'm offsite/working from home and would occasionality remote in with logme in Ignition.

    3. email: this I use the most, thousands of emails come in each day that I need to pay attention to.. Also makes it seem like im always working cause I'm reply emails as soon as I get them, even on the weekends.
    Calendar: helps me stay on track with deliverable dates, meetings and accept or sendout meetings requests.
    Logmein Ignition: I use this whenever I'm offsite and need to access my computer for whatever reason.. be it to send out files or check office communicator just incase I recieved a message from someone of importance.
    The last two are Todo and Files. I use Todo for my tasks and files to store important files that i might need access to on the go or might want to have if I get fired or laid off.
    05-18-2010 02:35 PM
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    I'm an RN Manager in a local hospital. I work on a medical-surgical floor. My iPhone is invaluable to keep track of my schedule, appointments, and for all the medical apps that help me do my job efficiently. Since I get up at 5am, I have to have a great alarm clock that will get me up! My iPhone has never let me down. I do yoga in the morning and like to listen to some yoga music while I'm doing it. AmbiScience makes a great app called Pure Yoga that plays soothing sounds while I'm stretching. I connect my iPhone via bluetooth to my Ford Fusion Sport as I head out to work. I have a very busy schedule but like to keep in touch with friends throughout the day. I use Tweetie to do that. All my personal emails are pushed to my iPhone so I never miss anything important coming from the "outside" world. I have alarms set throughout the day so I don't miss any meetings. On my lunch break (anywhere from 5 minutes to 30) I like to play a little Words with friends. Of course I use my iPhone for my buisiness purposes too. Top 5 apps are:

    1. Calendar - keeps my schedule and appointment at hand.

    2. Notes - All my lists and important small documents.

    3. Remember the Milk - Best task manager.

    4. Skyscape - My important medical apps such as Taber's medical dictionary, RxDrugs medications database, and OCM (outlines in clinical medicine).

    5. Medscape - Not only a great drug database but also access to the latest medical news and breakthroughs.

    After work, it time to relax to some music and tweak my iPhone with the newest app or music.
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    05-18-2010 02:36 PM
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    This isn't a point-form contest. Tell us a story. Make it something you'd find interesting to read.

    Bring the drama. Bring the comedy. Bring the joy. Bring the pain.

    Here's a sample:

    1. I'm the editor of a popular iPhone and iPad blog.

    2. I wake up in the morning to an alarm -- on my iPhone. I grab it off my nightstand and quickly skim through my emails, delete spam, answer anything super-urgent, and make a note of fairly urgent stuff I need to tackle when I get up. Next is RSS. I want to know what news has happened when I was sleeping. Again, I skim for critical stuff first and fire off any urgent items via email. Last is Twitter, DMs and mentions, then a quick scan of the time line.

    Once I'm up I'm syncing podcasts. I listen to a lot, especially if I have to drive around. Most of the other stuff, the gaming and web browsing, Instapaper and book reading has shifted to my iPad, but the iPhone is the feet-on-the-ground, moving, taking action device for the rest of the day. Oh, and phone calls.

    I keep it next to my desk as a way to alert me to incoming email and tweets, and sometimes as a tiny companion device to use when my Mac is busy. The iPad is encroaching on this, but not replacing it yet.

    At night, I set the iPhone as my alarm, and put on a 20-min countdown time for iPod sleep. Then its more podcasts until I'm unconscious.

    3. If you forget to sync podcasts, iPhone can stream new ones right from the iTunes app. iPhone OS 4 makes this even better and less flaky. Use it.

    4. Aside from email, I use a variety of Twitter clients but still default to Tweetie -- er, Twitter for iPhone. Its work flow just works for me. Reeder is my Google Reader app of choice for staying on the news and since its syncs, it keeps me up to date everyone. Likewise, I use SimpleNote combined with Notational Velocity for both Notes and Todos. Sync is king. Must. Have. That's why I also use DropBox as my main repository. Having my daily files everywhere is unbeatable. I've already mentioned a ton of built-in apps, but for third party I typically get lost so have some navigation software handy. I alternate between TeleNav for quick, on-grid to and fro, and Navigon for beefy off-grid anywhere access.

    That's my typical daily use for the iPhone. Not an app for that, but a bunch that get the job done.
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    05-18-2010 02:49 PM
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    Once upon a time there was an inner city high school in lower Alabama. The children there all believed themselves to be the center of the universe. So it always came as quite a shock when their beloved French teacher told them that the US dollar was not used throughout the civilized world. Fortunately for these children, said beloved French teacher used WorldMate on her iPhone and was quickly able to find the current exchange rates for most currencies. This made it much more fun to window shop online and find out how much things would cost in real money.

    These same children were also subject to school-wide initiatives such as DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). Because it was school-wide, the teachers were expected to play along. Thank heavens for the Nook reader on the iPhone. That old French teacher always had something to read and was happy to drop everything for it.

    The children may not have liked taking tests, but our favorite teacher loves giving them. And not for the reason you may think...although, yes, she does have a bit of a sadistic streak. However, testing meant that she could stand in the back of the room and play Words With Friends!

    After testing, it was common for our very favorite teacher in the world to whip out her iPhone and play some contemporary French music for her not so little learners. And she has been known to toss that iPhone under her Elmo document projector and show a music video or two.

    Of course, this particular teacher was not just an excellent teacher, but the school's Go To Gal for all things tech. It was not unusual for her to receive a cry for help from colleagues and administrators at any time for any reason. And as often as not, the cry for help would go out, and the "victim" would wander away from his classroom/office. Ascendo Data Vault to the rescue. Here we find all the passwords for most everyone in the building, along with administrator passwords for both computers and systems. Everyone wondered how she did it all.

    Email? Pedestrian. Phone calls? Run of the mill. Except - Voice Central from Black Swan handled her Google Voice number so that students could only disturb her when she allowed it. And because a teacher's job is never done, students called and sent text messages all day and all night!

    But at the end of the day, it's nice to flip that mute switch and know there will be silence until the iPhone's alarm rings at 5:00 the next morning.
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    05-18-2010 03:23 PM
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    I would say my schedule is very common and generally i do the same thing as everyone else who commutes into NYC every morning. Im a financial advisor so i use my phone a lot for communication with clients and office emails. ON TO THE STORY

    I wake up every morning to the sound of my iphone alarm. I've selected the ascending sound for fear of choosing "alarm" sound since it might give me a mild heart attack that my home was the target of a nuclear strike. I have my phone charging at my desk so I have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. depending on how well i slept i choose to sit in my chair and slowly wake up to reading emails. If i didnt sleep to well I will likely hit the snooze button and go to sleep for those lovely 9 min (WHY 9 min apple??). So Ill bring the phone back to bed with me and wait for that lovely ascending sound.

    Once on the train I will read through my emails again (I use the Microsoft Exchange server through email) , call into my office voice mail, and begin reading things on my bloomberg app or on safari some online investing blogs.

    Around the office I use my phone to text my girlfriend and keep up on things online which I cant check on my office computer. I'm almost always listening to music because i hate silence but it blocks out all the calls people are making to clients around the office. having youtube is extremely helpful to show people funny videos that we cant watch on someones computer. Most people in the office have Blackberrys so they cant easily get to the videos themselves. I probably use 1password every day because i cant remember the 5 passwords i need to use my office computer, all of which have to be changed on a 3 week basis and i cant use the same password for 12 cycles. It drives me nuts. I probably had 5 passwords that i could use but after a few months with the company i had used those up and now im stuck making up random passwords with 2 caps 2 symbols/numbers and NO words from the dictionary. MOVING ON...

    On my way to the long island rail road home i usually go on safari to check the MTA schedule because of course MTA feels that it keeps everyone on their toes by canceling or changing schedules on a day to day basis.... i guess thats what you get when the MTA is going bankrupt.

    I usually watch some TV episodes on my phone on the way home because it helps me relax and mellow out. I usually watch scrubs or futurama because those are the TV shows i've uploaded to my computer and they make me laugh. You get some really awkward looks when you start laughing on the train where no one says ANYTHING! Its usually complete silence and then i will burst out a "HA" and have 10 people give me the death glare, wondering how someone could laugh after being at work all day. Some times ill start playing a game i've downloaded like Angry Birds but it doenst always make me happy, it usually makes me angry because I get stuck on a level. They should just call the game "Get Angry" because you cant get those damn birds to fly in the exact pattern you want them to.

    At home I'll use skype on my phone and if anyone messages me that I would like to talk to I can get to my computer. Sometimes I use the iphone remote to control my itunes library.

    ANDDD thats my day with my iphone... couldnt live my life without it... and thats very sad but true
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    05-18-2010 04:12 PM
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    1. Self-employed general contractor specializing in creative carpentry (oh, and I also build giant puppets.)
    2. Here’s my story: My work day starts when I get up, and that starts with my iPhone. The Alarm is set to a peaceful tone that doesn’t annoy my wife (she got sick of “marimba” real quick so currently it’s set to “strum.” We’ll see how long that lasts.) From here I check TiPb and my Mail in bed as I wake up. Hopefully there aren’t any emails from a client that said that their house burned down last night due to something I did. I would expect that in a text, not an email. As I make my morning elixir - coffee - I check my Calendar to see what is on my schedule. Ah, today I am building a fence out of old reclaimed doors and windows. I jump in my dilapidated truck (needed a new truck, got an iPad instead), record my starting miles using AppCubby and find my route using Google Maps. On the way I plug in my iTrip to listen to Pandora (I swear, I don't have a Michael Buble channel) while using my bluetooth headset to call the lumber store to order the framing materials. When I get to the lumber store, I realize that the coffee hasn’t totally kicked in (did I even remember to put the espresso in my mocha?) and I need to use Convertbot and Calculator to figure out how many 4x4’s and 2x4’s I need. Simple math but it’s just too early to strain my brain. As I get set up at the job site, I plug my iPhone into my Ridgid job site radio which conveniently has a 30-pin dock for Apple products. More Pandora ensues (what can I say, Buble is my muse) as I create a masterpiece of wood and glass. Now the end of the work day is near. I open Notes to list the materials needed for tomorrow (easier than trying to remember in the morning.) Then I check the weather using Accuweather to see if I’ll need rain gear tomorrow (it is Oregon after all) and I squeeze in a few levels of Angry Birds, check TiPb again for the latest Apple news, and check my Facebook while the homeowner isn’t looking. Before leaving, I snap a few photos of my work for my portfolio using the Camera. Driving home I listen to my iPod app for a change of pace (More Buble, different album). As I pull up to my house, I record my ending mileage using AppCubby and set my Alarm for tomorrow to start it all over again.
    3. The iPhone has become my most important tool. If only it has a “hammer” feature then it would be just about all I would need. I have found that by pluging it into my Ridgid radio I have a full charge throughout the day. That way when I go to lunch I can hit the internet, play TowerMadness and frequently check TiPb (shameless plug but true!)
    4. 1. Convertbot 2. Calculator 3. Maps 4. AppCubby 5. Mail
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    05-18-2010 04:21 PM
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    Well theoretically I am unemployed having quit my job to focus on studies but needed a source of income so took my hobby of programming to the next level by creating iPhone Apps as a source of income and in the last 8 months it has been a life saver, even if it currently only covers basic costs.

    The iPhone is the pinnacle for this source of income as it allows me to find bugs and errors that are fine in Simulator e.g. Memory leaks don't affect it as much, but on the iPhone can be horrific. I also use my iPod as that is G1 and so allows me to check apps on both old and new systems. Having lost my developers license due to a lack of funds jailbreaking my phone has been an essential part of testing my new app as it uses the Accelerometer and also allows me to check comments on Rock and Cydia alike.

    Developing for the iPhone is an amazing experience, the language is solid and useful in other areas, for example porting apps over to Android, but Androids developing experience is not nice, the process of building apps seems so simple and streamlined that errors that annoy me are nowhere near as annoying on other devices and the iPhone has a solid market. Unlike other Mobile OS' the iPhone seems to have been built with 3rd Party Apps in mind from the beginning, definitely shown in 1.x and having gained a user base before the Apps were available meant a demographic could be found before apps were developed.

    Developing for the iPhone has also given me an ultimate goal in life and helps keep everything into perspective when I feels I have had enough of my studies and that it is all helping me to that ultimate goal. Which I am determined to achieve

    Mail is a big part of it, any emails sent by users come direct to me and trying to keep my personal and "business" account separate means I can access them all in the same place anywhere anytime, I am looking to the integrated inbox in 4.0
    Facebook and Twitterific at the moment are must haves for checking social networks and any comments people may have and YouTube has been helpful in checking any reviews or ratings on videos.
    Safari is also handy for checking forums etc on the go and responding ASAP.

    Also in school my iPhone has been handy showing off the latest tech developments, check out whats going on and kill time in free periods
    05-18-2010 04:30 PM
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    I'm a full time student and work part time as a waiter, it might not seem like a job where technology is needed but my iPhone has not only made my job easier, it has also made me a better overall waiter. The restaurant I work at has a full bar, a bunch of big flat screens for sports and we always have classic rock/ country music blasting.

    Sports are huge here in Los Angeles, my job almost completely revolves around them. If there's a Laker game on we are going to be on an hour wait and the entire wait staff will be running around. Now with my iPhone and the ESPN ScoreCenter app I know when the games will be on and I'm always prepared for the few hours of hell that my shift will be. Other then knowing when games are on I also always check scores for my tables (This is HUGE during football season since we can't have all the games on at once). I use my phone for more then just sports though, I use a few apps to prepare myself and a few apps that help me bring up small talk with my tables which in the end means bigger tips for me. The other apps I use are The Weather Channel we have a big patio with fireplaces and Southern California weather is unpredictable, it helps me be prepared. Shazam I use this almost daily someone always asks me what song we're playing and I don't always know, I use Bing to search random question tables ask me (be it when a movies coming out, who got traded to what team, ect.) and finally we have a lot of business people coming in from out of town I always use the basic Maps app to help them find places they need to go.

    Since getting my iPhone in December 09, I always have the answers my guests need. It has definitely changed the way I work.
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    05-18-2010 05:00 PM
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    What do I do? What do any of us do man?
    I am a server specialist and networking engineer for Bungie Game Studio. Yes, we make Halo.
    I have a studio full of artists and developers who are truly the easiest bunch of people to ever work with, so my interaction with them is limited to the kitchen on Fridays when tequila is mandatory.
    The easy going nature of my artists frees me to do my primary job which requires constant vigilance to ensure all of my servers are up and running, because if something fails, the artists can't make magic.

    That said, mail.app is my first biggie. It's where I do all of my communication with the studio and how all of my servers contact me.

    For tracking projects I am a major supporter of iMExchange. It syncs to my Exchange server and includes the functionality Apple forgot. To-do lists!!

    Awesome Note is a must for keeping my meeting notes in order and giving me a good place to quickly jot down ideas or issues as they arise.

    Here File File is my lifeline to an assortment of PDF documents that detail policy, procedure or any other piece of information I may not want to carry around or remember. A quick connect to my main Mac and I have access to everything.

    Echofon is number 5. I have a lot of followers who want any inside info I might be allowed to let slip, and Twitter is where that happens.

    My iPhone has become an extension of not just my desktop, but of my thought process and work flow. It is that vital tool that I honestly couldn't do my job without. Well, I probably could do my job without it, but isn't that like saying that a painter could paint your house without brushes?
    When it's done, you're really going to just wish you had used the right tools to begin with.
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    05-18-2010 05:04 PM
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    I am a U.S. Probation Officer in field services.

    The obvious uses are email, and weather. The plum of the iPhone for me is the iPhone's GPS functions to find offender addresses and other locations I need to frequent. It is incredibly helpful as I used to use a map book and street index. It has made my job much easier. One day I was looking for an address and it was a new development. The old map book didn't have any of the new street names indexed, so on a whim I whipped out my iPhone and wound up finding it in about 5 seconds. I was hooked from then on and the map book went to the trunk.

    I find that it is easy to use the current location button to get directions on the fly along your route if you take different streets than originally shown. It is also easy to check traffic overlays and view upcoming exits or streets.

    Top 5 apps:

    1) Google Maps
    2) Weather
    3) AP News (local)
    4) Yahoo Messenger
    5) Tweetie
    05-18-2010 05:39 PM
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    I am a Math Lecturer at a Division 1 University.

    I use my iPhone daily for emails, questions, and scheduling. Whenever my students have questions, they can email me.

    I do have a Jailbroken 3GS so I can respond to emails quickly without completely stopping what I am doing using Backgrounder. I can easily type math characters in the Mail application using MathTyper keyboard. Or, if I am too busy to type, I can copy and paste from Wolfram Alpha. I also use AttachmentSaver (from Cydia) to save attachments students or other faculty might send me so they can be easily saved to my iPhone and transferred elsewhere if necessary. My iPhone allows me to help my students no matter where I am (to a certain extent) as well as helps me gain popularity at the University. I will never be without an iPhone for the rest of my career.
    05-18-2010 06:19 PM
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    My title is "Business Technology Requirements Manager" and I act as an inhouse technology consultant. I am also a member of our company's "Green Matters" environmental committee.

    For me, I use my iPhone to avoid lugging my computer to meetings, as well as printing out meeting minutes, presentations etc. By having everything on my iPhone, I can just refer to electronic versions, instead of having to kill trees. Of course, I do have to tell people that I am not doing email in a meeting.

    Also, as I have a long subway commute to work, I can use that time to listen to technical podcasts, read articles using Instapaper, and even get some writing done using DocsToGo and Google Docs, again without having to pull out a notebook PC.

    The one tip I would share is that even though the iPhone is a touch device, it might be worth your while to check out one the special styli that are available for applications where a finer degree of drawing precision is required.

    My top 5 apps are:

    Google Apps
    05-18-2010 06:38 PM
  16. NickFL2011's Avatar
    I'm currently finishing up my 3rd year of medical school. During years 3 & 4 we spend time doing our clinical rotations, where we basically spend time/work in the various medical specialties to gain actual clinical knowledge and apply the basic science pool of knowledge we focus on during the first two years.

    So I'm basically the low man on the totem pole in respect to medical education.....accentuated by my short white coat, to be eventually replaced with a long one post graduation. And in said white coat pockets are where one finds the usual assortment of hand-held books, guides, notebooks, etc, that we are constantly referring to in reference to a drug dosage or treatment strategy. Enter my iPhone. It literally has replaced the need to carry around a handful of guides/books that are usual necessities while on hospital rounds and my pockets thank me for that. I was actually using it so much that I ended up having to get a Mophie Juice Pack air in order to last a good 12 hour day at the hospital. Most of the time I'm using things like Epocrates, Medscape, or Skyscape. Skyscape is a terrific app because within it I can basically purchase and download just about any textbook, pocket guide that is available in print and have available through their interface. I mainly use Washington Manual, and a database called Dynamed to have quick access to disease specifics and treatments/diagnostic specifics.

    And I think just about everyone in healthcare has Epocrates. In med school we learn about pharmacology, but we usually mostly deal with the generic drug names. And then suddenly once in the "real world" where most use the trade name it can take some getting used to and at least for the first few months I was looking up each drug just to find it was the brand name for a generic I already new. And the pill ID pictures can be handy as well. I have used that feature more than a handful when taking the history of the nice old lady we just admitted because she fell and couldn't get up. More often than not she's got a medication list longer than football team roster, and while I am lucky if she can remember half the drug names, I'm certainly not betting on whether she knows the dosage. For some medications, keeping her on the same dosage that she was on at home can be extremely important and I have resorted to holding the phone in front of her with the pill pictures while I wait to hear, "Oh, it's the pink one!".

    Another use came when a resident and I were asked to clear a gentlemen for surgery after he fell off a ladder and broke his arm. Easy, no big deal.... unless you he speaks espanol and you don't. Neither one of us did and at that moment we could not find an available staff member who did. We actually joked that their must be an app for that, and there was. Downloaded "Emergency Medical Spanish" and it was filled with yes or no questions it would speak in Spanish. Definitely not a substitute for a translator but at least we were able to ask a few quick/important questions to make sure there were no surprises for us in his medical history.

    Other medical apps I use: ECG Guide, Medical Calc, Medpage (for news), PerfectWheel (OB pregnancy gestational age calculator), a few other random ones, and of course Safari to access web based resources such as UpToDate, or Pubmed to look up a research article. Also have some medical audio podcasts/video lectures loaded up for review during downtime. Been using the camera more and more as I've found it extremely handy to snap a picture of an important point the doc just wrote on the white board, or to take a pic of the huge gallbladder we just took out and opened up.

    Tips? Can't think of any specific tips that I've figured out on my own.... I have become extremely dependent on the extra battery life that mophie case provides, have even gotten a couple docs to get one after they saw mine and found out I could use my phone all day without having it go dead.

    I think just having instant access to the internet is a game changer. A few of the hospitals I've gone to are transitioning to electronic records, some with web access that I can access via safari. So if I'm home and get called in by my attending because we have a new consult I can quickly hop on and see the labs and have a general idea of what's going by the time the attending gets in.

    Sorry for the length, but it really has become a central point of how I look up information. Just from the nature of practicing medicine it is handy to have this access in a device that's always on you, because most of the time I am not sitting in front of a computer. At times I'm walking around the hospital with no quick access to a desktop, other times I'm in clinic where I'm going from room to room and need to look up something right then.
    05-18-2010 06:41 PM
  17. AAFD's Avatar

    TiPb's curious -- how do you use the iPhone for your job?

    We want some real life stories, some real world experience. We want to know what it's like to use the iPhone in your line of work (and yes, being a student or caregiver or stay-at-home parent or even... politician, counts as work!)

    1. Tell us what your job is.
    2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPhone during your workday. Tell us the *story*.
    3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the iPhone makes your job easier?
    4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.

    And... That's it!

    We'll be picking one reply every week or two and including it in a post right on the front page of TiPb.com. If/when your post gets picked, not only do you get your name (or username) up in lights, you get a sweet $20 iTunes gift certificate for your trouble! And yes, we will prioritize based on how awesome, how funny, how tragic, how well written, how inspiring, how disappointing, -- generally how memorable your entry is. So bring it!

    So what are you waiting for, tell us how you use your iPhone for your job?
    1. Fire Fighter/Urban Search and Rescue Worker

    2. I use the phone in all aspects of my job/jobs. While at a Trench Rescue program I was able to use my phone and Drop Box. I keep quick reference cards (these card have all specs of info on them relating to Urban Search and rescue) in Drop box, I have Carpenter Helper Pro to do weight calculations on object that might have to be lifted. I have manuals on the products we use to shore up the walls of the trenchs. I use by contacts to call in resorces that I need. I use my camera to take photos for later reviews (as a learning experances). Weather programs to keep track of up coming storms that could interfier with the incident/Training. With out the phone I would need a large book/binder for the info, a calculator, camera, and phone to do what I can do with my Iphone!!

    3. Having Dropbox allows me to keep a large amount of data at my fingertips with taking a lot of memory on my phone. Have so many apps available has made it easy for me to find apps that do many things what in the past required me to carry many more items around!!!!

    4. Drop Box, Quick office, Weather channel, Carpenter Helper pro, 7.0 megapixel camera.

    05-18-2010 06:45 PM
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    1. I am a Reserve Police Officer in a bay area police department.

    2. B.i. (Before iPhone) - Before I had my iPhone, I used to carry five separate electronic devices while I was on patrol:
    a. Cell phone - Making and receiving calls.
    b. Palm Tungsten T/X - Containing databases of Frequently Used Vehicle Codes, Penal Codes, Health and Safety Codes, Municipal Codes, contact names/numbers of key resources, etc.
    c. GPS - Helps me locate and navigate to streets and addresses.
    d. Digital camera - Taking photos of individuals whom I need to be familiar with.
    e. Laptop - Enables me to gain access to the internet
    Then I discovered iPhone and this little device changed my life. The iPhone was "form, fit and function" exactly what I needed to liberate me from the clutter of other electronic devices, and it fits in my uniform breast pocket!

    3. During a routine shift, I would use the GPS function on my iPhone to navigate to calls where I might need a little assistance locating. When I arrive at the call, I may refer to my databases of codes for enforcement purposes, or I may look up various community and counseling resources for victims or individuals in need of community assistance programs. With HanDBase, I am able to record contact information about individuals whom I may need to recall at a later time. Finally, having access to the internet on my iPhone enables me to find information on almost anything.

    4. My top 5 apps that I use to get my job done are:
    a. 2010 California Vehicle Code
    b. HanDBase
    c. DocsToGo
    d. Maps
    e. Contacts
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    05-18-2010 07:26 PM
  19. Wrench266's Avatar
    Hi to TiPb and all members!
    05-18-2010 07:34 PM
  20. ijonbrown's Avatar
    I am a safety consultant specializing in construction site safety management. Basically my job consists of walking around telling grown men and women "Stop that you'll put your eye out". Yes that is right I have to tell adults to not stick their fingers in light sockets, run with sharp objects and many other things that most of us know are not safe to do.

    I use my iPhone all day in many different ways:
    1. I do not wake up to it but I wake up to my iHome alarm clock with iPhone dock
    2. Check my e-mail, deleting junk and seeing why kind of jackassery I will be putting up with for the day
    3. Then sync to get my podcasts so I have something to listen to while driving from site to site
    4. Then I use the camera to take pictures of stupid activities
    5. I use the facebook app to upload pictures of people doing stupid things so my friends can laugh at them
    6. I use Instapaper to catch up on articles when I am bored at a job site
    7. I use the Amazon app to shop while I am bored at another job site
    8. I use Sci Fi Wire to check up on the latest in Sci Fi while I am bored at yet another site
    9. I use the Mint.com app to see how much I am being overpaid for walking around and telling adults to not do stupid crap

    My Top 5 Apps (other than e-mail, and calendar of course):
    1. VoiceCentral - Google Voice app for iPhone
    2. SpellChecker - So my e-mails to foremen ratting out their morons are spelled properly
    3. Quickoffice - So I can write up audit reports in word documents describing todays idiocy in great detail.
    4. Evernote - Great note taking app for my todo lists and my watch list of idiots.
    5. AroundMe - Great app to find the local bar so I can forget about my miserable day

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    05-18-2010 08:29 PM
  21. Microcosmos's Avatar
    See you in your nightmares!

    That whole post was hilarious and fun to read! JimmySlo you make me want to go see Cirque du Soleil's show, and tweet about it the whole time!
    05-18-2010 08:32 PM
  22. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I am a Network Admin but despite my job description I'm basically in charge of anything with wires in my company. The phone system, printers, workstations, etc. There are more and more employees especially higher ups who have gotten iPhones. We've had a few help sessions where they brought their iPhones and a list of their complaints and problems and I would go through the steps to resolving the problems. So at that time I am glad I have my iPhone because otherwise I would be lost. We've had employees going to other countries and I've unlocked their phones before they left so they could use a local SIM to save money while they are there, another thing I knew about only because I had to do it on my 1st generation iPhone which was never available here in Canda. I have my work exchange address on the phone so I'm able to get emails at home without bringing home my laptop. Whenever I try apps that I find useful I send out an email to all the iPhone users with details about the app and the benefits of using it. I wake up every morning to the alarm and put together my playlist for the train ride to work. The train ride takes an hour to get to work, my music drowns out the teeny boppers and the other people talking about dribble. I used to use an appointment book to schedule my time and keep track of my daily tasks. So now I'm using the calendar app and Checklists to keep track of the daily tasks I want to get done at work and for myself. One of my friends at work is an iPhone guru so we usually get together during the day to talk about the newest story ie. 4th Generation iPhone, iPad delay, etc. We download new apps we reccomend to each other and talk about new Jailbreak methods available. Then on the way home I start the TiPb podcast if it's available, to keep me company on the train ride.
    05-18-2010 11:25 PM
  23. SoxFan13's Avatar
    Do you ever wonder what keeps a Middle School Music teacher sane? Yes, you are correct, alcohol. No, no, no, but it helps. It's the iPhone, of course!

    Waking up at 5 to go see kids that act like they're 5 isn't easy, except with my customizable iPhone alarm! I can't say my wife appreciates waking up to Pac-Man theme music as much as I do, though.

    Once I'm at school, my iPhone definitely gets a work out. I take attendance in my choirs using the ever convenient Attendance app. It's much easier to argue with parents about how many absences their child has if I have a copy of each day's attendance emailed directly to them, and myself.

    Of course, scenarios where students sing out of tune, and out of rhythm can occur- even with the best of us! My Metronome app helps us with both those things. It would be more impressive if I had perfect pitch. But then again, it would probably be even more impressive if my kids didn't sing off-key in the first place!

    Other times, it's the students' musical tastes that are impressive. What's that 14 year old girl, you say you want us to sing a Justin Beiber song? Hmm, let me just look that up on my YouTube app, plug this into the stereo system and... Dear God, what are you thinking no, no we can't sing that. Thank you YouTube!

    Other times, it's their gullibility... Ah, study hall, time to help those 8th graders with their math. Oh, yes, you need help converting liters to teaspoons? I definitely remember that conversion off the top of my head. No problem, let me just turn my back to you as I contemplate (c'mon Convert Units app... start, START!) There you go, sweetie, 202 teaspoons per liter, just like I thought.

    And no day would be complete without last period hall duty, starring the dillgent, eagle-eyed music teacher. Of course, he's mostly keeping that eagle eye of his on theFacebook and Tweetie 2 apps, while rendering the hallways safe for adolescents school-wide.

    Just another day made possible (and passable) by my iPhone!
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    05-18-2010 11:41 PM
  24. Cyberdooley's Avatar
    JOB: Kept Man

    USE: Having left a managerial position to move to another country to follow my girlfriend, I now live the life of a 'Kept Man'. My day proceeds thus:

    1) I wake up, after said girlfriend has finished in the bathroom, looking immaculate each day. Her being in the fashion industry dictates she must dress this way. I meanwhile arise in my boxers, scratch whatever needs to be scrathced, grab my iPhone and head to the livingroom.
    2) While eating my Weetbix and watching the BBC or SKY news (or sometimes FOX if I need a laugh), I check for any messages or games awaiting my urgent attention.
    3) After girlfriend has left to battle the traffic, I shower then head down to a café. This involves me walking about 150m, taking 2 elevators and 2 sets of escalators, giving me plenty of time to use a ‘pick-up-and-play’ app.
    4) At café I generally surf, read any RSS feeds, drink coffee and search for new apps.
    5) After 3 to 4 cups I do Step 3 above in reverse order.
    6) Wait at home for girlfriend to finish work or hang by the pool.

    5 Apps I NEED for my JOB: Morning is for UNIWAR, games always demanding my attention. PING for any messages from friends. ACTION HERO for the walk to the elevators. PRO RSS READER for café. STRATEGERY for poolside relaxion.
    05-19-2010 06:13 AM
  25. DomArch's Avatar
    Thanks to Wall Street's gambling, the field of architecture has been pretty hard hit over the past few years. My office shut down in March of 2009 and i've been forced to go out on my own. Not necessarily how one wants to start a business, but you do what you have to to keep the family fed. Without my iPhone, it would have been much tougher. Obviously the email and web surfing are key, but some of it's other abilities are what separate it from the smartphone pack.

    I carry my portfolio with me on the phone, indispensable when you're at an event, or a kid's baseball game and someone asks what you do.

    Apple's iDisk and gallery apps allow me to access files on the road for quick verification of a detail, a photo of a site condition, verification of a specification, etc. It's actually quite amazing how useful the small screen can be. And in reverse, I can upload images to MobileMe and share them with a client whose not on site with me at the same time. Indispensable.

    Taking a photo and sketching an idea over it using any one of the amazing drawing/painting/sketching apps and then showing the client exactly what I'm suggesting. They understand it more clearly and are impressed with the technique, and I'm simultaneously doing a better job for them, and marketing my skills for future referrals. Indispensable.

    Taking a photo of something I see that inspires me or my client for future reference. Indispensable.

    Notes. Self explanatory when I see something I need to remember when I get back to the office. An indispensable app.

    Finally, the calendar, syncing with my wife's iPhone, MobileMe, and the computer back home. Since she has gone back to work, the schedule (with two kids in the mix) has become exponentially more complicated, and the calendar is the indispensable tool that keeps the days, weeks and months coordinated between meetings, events, activities etc. My business and my home couldn't function without it.

    iPhone. Indispensable.
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    05-19-2010 07:49 AM
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