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    I am an airline pilot and have a PC at home and am using the cloud calendar (I used to use Outlook Calendar). Doing this will push the events to my iPhone5 and my iPad.

    My problem is trying to enter an event (i.e., a flying trip) that is a multi day event......to get it to show on the PC in "red" as "busy" for the 3 or 4 day trip...I have to click "all day"....which is not what I want.

    If I enter it as a multi day event.....as show the correct start/stop times......then on the calendar, it only shows as a one day event. This is misleading as I would like to be able to pull up my calendar at home on the PC and see what days I am not working to plan other events.

    So right now I have the multi day events clicked as all day...so at least I know I'm busy that day...but have to open it and refer to the notes...........

    Q: Can't I show a multi day with actual start/stop times on the PC and have it show those days/times as "busy?"
    Q: Is red the only color we can use? With Outlook I used different color codes for different type of events

    I'm trying to become cloud based.....maybe if my home computer were a MAC this wouldn't be an issue?


    12-01-2012 08:10 PM

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