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    I can say that an iPhone serves about 70% of my non-work related computing needs. My iPad covers about another 20% (for when a larger screen is a necessity). The other 10% would drive me bonkers trying to do it on an iOS device. Look up my rant in the "why doesn't iOS have file management?" thread. Something as simple as uploading a MS Word document onto a website is like pulling teeth on iOS. Other tasks that are dirt easy on a desktop/laptop due to the existence of easy file management and the ability to click and drag elements with a mouse are significantly harder on mobile platform. That being said, my desktop is very rarely touched as my iPhone/iPad take care of *most* of my computing needs. However there are a few things that just can't be done (easily, at least) on a mobile device.
    04-11-2014 08:40 AM
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    My late wife did for 3 years and my son never touches a computer anymore outside of school. We have HP Printers at home with e-print enabled and my daughter uses Airprint unless she's doing some design work for one of her classes but for the most part, she's not on her laptop much. I don't know when the last time anyone even used the iPad2 we have other then to update the IOS on it. I rarely get on my laptop except to do a weekly backup to it and do it's weekly backup to our NAS server. If one of my servers go down at the office, I normally just login to the VPN and fix it through that. Yea the screen is hard to read for me at times but that's more due to age then anything.
    04-11-2014 09:08 AM
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