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I have single iPhone, if I turn off iCloud photos will it delete photos ?

Asked: Sep 09 2020 | 5:41 am EDT 852 Views 4 Answers View Best Answer

Should I turn off because I only have one iPhone .

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Sep 09 2020 | 6:14 am EDT Just_Me_D

Do you have an iPad or a Mac/MacBook that’s using iCloud and the same is loud credentials? If so and if you disable iCloud on the iPhone then any new images taken with it will not sync to your other devices. Likewise, any new images taken with the other devices will not sync to your iPhone.

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Sep 09 2020 | 11:06 am EDT Highrisedrifter

Welcome to iMore!

ICloud photos will upload and store any photos you take on your iPhone into the iCloud, meaning you could potentially view them on your PC or Mac.

If you do not have any other Apple devices and do not have a Windows PC with iTunes/ICloud installed, then turning off iCloud will do nothing.

However, being that you might want to swap to another iPhone at some point in the future, and being that Apple gives you some iCloud space free of charge, you might as well leave it on to ease a transition between iPhones when you upgrade. Also, if you lose your phone, or it gets damaged beyond repair, keeping iCloud switched on means you haven't lost your precious memories.

Here's a link to an article on iMore that gives you the pros and cons of iCloud. https://www.imore.com/should-you-use...-photo-library

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Sep 10 2020 | 3:06 pm EDT Tartarus

If by any chance your iPhone gets broken, you’ll thank the Lord that you had iCloud Photos (and other iCloud features) enabled.
It’s not so much a syncing feature as it is a backup feature.