1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I've mistakenly hid my favourites from my messenger how can I recover them
    03-21-2017 05:25 AM
  2. Tartarus's Avatar
    Double click the home button, locate Messenger in that overview, swipe it up to force close it, click home button once, open Messenger.

    This should make the favorites reappear in Messenger.
    03-21-2017 07:13 AM
  3. Sherry_B's Avatar
    Is hiding them a feature within the app, or are people taking advantage of a bug to hide them? If it's the latter then you're more than likely out of luck. If the developers added that as a feature, why wouldn't they also add an option to undo it?
    03-21-2017 09:55 AM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Favorites will reappear when a new one comes up. But if you hide the "day stories", it's gone.
    03-21-2017 01:12 PM

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