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    Now you can't see only your own personal reading list. You always have to weed through the other user's list. It seems that one person, that's me, was logged in while the download was taking place, and when the computer was restarted, the other user signed in with their apple id and password on my login. This seems to have confused the computer, as a lot of his downloads and files were showing up in my folders. For some reason that seems to have stopped, but the reading list over to the left is still shared, and you can't delete what you want when you're logged on with out it being deleted on the other person's account, even if they're logged out at the time.

    Another issue seems to be that the pre-login screen is always a blurry rendition of my personal screen saver that I chose for after I log in. Oy!
    10-09-2016 02:19 PM

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