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    I am considering making the jump to Mac and was looking for some advice to get me going. I am tossing around getting a Mac Mini (paired with 24" multimedia monitor), iMac, or a Macbook Air. I would like to use the new system for basic computing, iTunes, iTunes streaming to Sonos and Apple TV, basic gaming (nothing heavy), Shutterfly (for the wife), Citrix Based VPN for work, possibly centralized backup for iPhones/iPads/Windows devices.

    I have a self built i5 quad core gaming PC and 2 Core i5 Laptops, so this isn't as much about a big upgrade as much as it is looking for a new and possibly better experience. I have grown to love my iPhones and iPads and was hoping pairing that with a new Mac would sweeten the deal.

    So after all that...Here is my question:

    Which device would be best to start with and why? I don't want to have regrets (wanting more or needing much less). What apps/programs should I look in to getting right from the start to give this experience the best chance to succeed? (for both my wife and I) Is it worth getting the Airport Extreme or Time Capsule and how will all of this work with my existing windows computers?

    This forum has been great to find out info in the past and I am hoping this will help make my decision earlier. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
    12-12-2014 07:35 AM

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