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    (please respond)

    Okay... so I am In big trouble. Just today I went in cydia on my iphone 5 with ios 7.0.4 and went in the "changes" section. There I saw 2 tweaks that said that there was a problem and that I needed to fix them manually (they were called open ssh and something like ssl or whatever. I never seen anything like that before so I didn't know what to do... I tapped on it and there were 3 options or so;

    -"force remove" (UNSAFE)"

    -this option I did not see because I was rushed and din't think strait (witch was stupid of me)

    -And "cancel"

    Of course I tapped on "force remove (UNSAFE)" and that's when it ALL changed.

    A few seconds later my phone restarted and BAM... cydia is gone. It's not on springboard or in spotlight search but all my tweaks are working just fine! So I reboot to see if something would append (SOMETHING HAPPEND) and BAM... all my tweaks stop working AND cydia is gone! It's like it was in safe mode but It wasn't; it didn't say "safemode" where the time was shown on the status bar.

    So I tried a few things like: reboot, searching for a fix online and rebooting pressing the top volume button and re-installing cydia using "auto install" in the root directory using ifile "cause ifile was working". Then I rebooted again for it to install. It WORKED... but then cydia kept on crashing every time I tried to launch the app. So I the tried to go in ifile and fix it from there but ifile kept on crashing! That's when all the tweaks and apps crashed and stopped working.

    I went on my computer and ran evasi0n 7 to try and re-install cydia. After a long time of searching online I find nothing but ONE SOLUTION! THIS: Semi-Restore for iOS 5.0-7.1.1 But in order for it to work, I need to have open ssh instaled on my iphone 0_0 REALLY? That's what I removed IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    Please help me find a way to restore WITHOUT loosing my jailbreak (I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TWEAKS ANYMORE) and without having to have openSSH! IS THAT POSSIBLE??? PLEASE HELP

    PLEASE!! I worked so hard o getting everything back from my last jailbreak and everything was going good. I HATE RESTORING COMPLETLY

    (please respond)
    06-25-2014 09:33 PM
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    Restore and update and rejailbreak. Do this now before able stops signing 7.1.1
    06-26-2014 01:01 AM

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