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    I know there are several threads about smart cover compatible cases, but I thought It would be helpful if we had an actual list/matrix. Below I break them up into material and list details and availability. Prices are MSRP, cheaper prices may be available at third party vendors.

    Hard Shell (polycarbonate, etc.):

    XGear Smart Cover Enhancer
    Protection for Your iPad, iPhone, iPod, And MacBook
    Colors - Black, Clear
    Price - $34.99
    Available Now

    Joy Factory SmartFit2
    SmartFit2 Clear for iPad 2 - iPad / iPhone Protection - Products
    Colors - Clear, Smoke
    Price - $29.95
    Available Now

    Marware Microshell
    MicroShell iPad 2 case
    Colors - Black, White, Pink, Silver Red
    Price - $39.99
    Available Now *Black version only

    Enki Genius
    Enki | We've got you covered
    Colors - Clear, Smoke, Blue, Pink
    Price - $29.99
    Pre-order, Available 5/2

    Aviiq Smart Case
    AViiQ™ › Smart Case ‹ Case Stands ‹ Products
    Colors - Black, Gray, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red
    Price - $49.99

    Coveroo Customer iPad 2 Case
    Coveroo - Custom Designs on Your Phone or iPod
    Price - Starts at $29.99
    Color - Varies

    Incipio Smart Feather
    iPad 2 Smart feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case
    Price - Unknown
    Colors - Unknown
    Available in May

    Speck Smart Shell *Not listed on manufacturer's site*
    Apple Mobile: Speck iPad 2 SmartShell Case (5 Colors) - Hard Cases - Cases - iPad 2G - iPad | Gleemobile.com
    Colors - Black, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink
    Price - $29.99 *from third-part vendor
    Available Now *claim from third-party vendor

    Belkin Snap Shield
    Belkin : Snap Shield for iPad 2
    Colors - Unknown
    Price - Unknown
    Availability Unknown

    Soft Shell (TPU, Silicone, etc.):

    Boxwave Smart Sleeve
    iPad 2 Smart Sleeve - A low profile iPad 2 case that pairs perfectly with Apple’s Smart Cover and provides durable protection.
    Colors - All Smart Cover colors
    Price - $29.95
    Available Now (black, gray only). Other colors available 4/29.

    Maclove Jumper
    Jumper - macloveworld
    Colors - All Smart Cover colors
    Price - $39.00
    Available Now

    iLuv Smart Back Cover

    Colors - All Smart Cover Colors
    Price - TBD, but third party site lists $19.99
    Availability TBD

    Other Shell:

    Pielframa iMagnum
    Apple iPad 2 cases PIEL FRAMA
    Colors - All Smart Cover Colors
    Price - $129 USD
    Available Now, but 15 day delivery time.

    Happy Owl Studio Leather Shell & Shell
    iPad 2 line sneak peek... — Happy Owl Studio
    Colors - TBD, but probably All Smart Cover colors
    Price - TBD
    Availablity Unknown

    I'm sure there are others I'm either missing or will be announced soon. If you find something, please post it here and I can update the list. List does not include any eBay cases, not that there is anything wrong with them, but did not want to promote any one seller.
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    04-20-2011 01:27 PM
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    I just got the Belkin Snap Shield from Best Buy, Sku 2538172, for $39.99. https://forums.imore.com/e?link=http...token=cR1IflGD

    It has a soft-touch hard case feel, very thin, hardly any bulk added. And even better, adds full protection! For those that don't want to wait, I definitely suggest you call your local Best Buy, and give them the sku 2538172, to see if they have it in stock
    04-26-2011 05:43 PM
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    Thanks for this breakdown. I was unaware of the Coveroo site, but am looking into a custom one now
    04-28-2011 10:36 AM
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    Great list! I wish you listed some of the eBay ones, though. Or at least the types they came in. The TPU cases that are compatible with the Smart Cover are incredible. For example, this case. The hard cases are nice as well, and almost identical to the ones you can find in your list such as Enki (some differences though). I hope you will reconsider!
    05-01-2011 01:16 PM
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    You can get the Belkin for $34.99 with free shipping from GleeMobile.com. The Speck Smart Shell is also extremely popular at $29.99.... The Speck is neat because it has a magnet on the backside which causes the Smart Cover to lay flat across the back when using the device. The only complaint about the Smart Shell by Speck is that edges of the case are a tiny bit higher than the screen of the device. This means that the case is not flush with the screen. A lot of people don't mind this but other have went with the Belkin because of this.
    05-21-2011 03:08 PM