[Review] ESR Yippee Magnetic Smart Case for the iPad Pro 11 inch


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May 31, 2014
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I love my iPad Pro’s beautiful design and when combined with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio, it becomes a powerful device that transforms the way how you work. However, when it comes to using iPad for entertainment or drawing or for reading books, I do like to use a simple more lightweight case than the Smart Keyboard folio. In that regards, ESR’s Yippee Magnetic Smart Case is an excellent choice that gives the minimal lightweight protection to your iPad Pro.


  • Extremely thin and lightweight
  • Strong magnetic hold
  • Support for Apple Pencil 2

  • No all-around protection (due to Apple Pencil 2 support)
  • Pressing your hands firmly holds on to your fingerprints
  • Inner fabric attracts dust quite easily

Hello, Lightweight
One of the reasons I was excited when Apple announced the new magnetic back in the 2018 iPad Pro is that we would see thin lightweight cases coming out. And this ESR Yippee case doesn’t disappoint.


The case is well designed and I quite like the silky rubberized exterior which gives some added grip while holding the iPad Pro.

The interior of the case has a soft microfiber lining which is a quite nice addition to protect your display. While the material feels great and soft, I did notice the material getting attracted to dust quite easily.


It’s 1mm thin and hardly adds any weight to your iPad Pro which makes it a portable device even more portable with added protection. Here is a comparison of the smart folio keyboard case with this magnetic case.


Being this thin, there is one downside though. It doesn’t cater to provide the hardcore all around protection. But I knew that already as I was looking for something really lightweight.

Hello, Features
I use my iPad Pro for drawing and hence it's important the case provides support for my Apple Pencil. It’s good to see that the ESR case doesn’t disappoint here as well. It’s pretty much the same support as you will get with any other Apple’s Folio or Smart Cover.


The case basically provides two viewing angles - a 65-degree standing mode and a 30-degree typing stand mode. I use the typing stand mode a lot when I am drawing while I standing mode when I am watching movies. Both viewing angles provide great support and I hardly noticed any issues.


And yes, the case also behaves like a smart cover meaning that the iPad Pro goes to auto sleep and wake when you close and open the case respectively.


The only downside I experienced with this case is that the silky rubberized material holds on to your fingerprints quite easily. Of course, they go away with a simple wipe but its pretty visible when it is there.


Overall, Happy
It’s a beautiful case and easily fits my daily schedule as its highly portable. If you are looking for a thin, lightweight case with support for the Apple Pencil, I think you will love the ESR Yippee Magnetic case. It is probably one of the best alternatives to Apple’s own expensive Smart Cover.

You can buy the case directly from their website or Amazon from $16.99.

Review composed using an iPad Pro.
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Nov 28, 2016
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I have the Apple folio and not getting the finger prints on outside and lint on inside cover, saw this case and was thinking of trying being cheaper and also comes in black, guess you get what you pay for, i like Apples warranty on accessories too, will just keep it.
Thanks for the review.

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