1. rodaniel's Avatar
    About a year ago, my wife & I bought the Apple Composite AV Cable kit to use with our iPod Touch to watch videos on our TV. Works very well! We made the leap to an iPhone 3GS a month ago so we're looking for a similar video solution that would also give us a remote since the iPhone has to be in close proximity to the television and we're typically seated across the room.

    The Dexim DRA022 AV Dock Station with Remote Control looks really promising and would give us component AV output (which I'm assuming would bump up the output quality) and a nice remote. Thing is, I can't find any reviews of this dock here or on Amazon.com so I'm a little nervous about pulling the trigger.

    (Jeremy over at iLounge posted a review of the Dexim AV Dock (DRA107) with composite output back in February, but I find nothing on the component version.)

    The DRA022 seems like a better option than the Apple Component AV Cable / Apple Universal Dock pairing, if only because it matches the look of the black iPhone 3GS better and is $20 less. Can anyone vouch for this dock?

    And can someone confirm if I'm correct about the video output quality of the iPhone 3GS being better with the component (3 video, 2 audio) cables than composite (1 video, 2 audio) in real-world usage?
    12-03-2009 03:59 AM
  2. S.Casey's Avatar
    I can vouch for the Apple Universal dock w/ HDAV cable pairing (3-cable vid /2-cable audio) and we love it. We've had for about a year now. My partner and I both have iPhone 3G, and we've had great success w/ movie rental/playback. The Apple remote works well too, but since it is a 'Universal' remote it also works w/ Apple TV, etc so not all the menu icons work for the iPhone. That said it's got good signal strength and works well. !!
    12-07-2009 08:43 PM
  3. S.Casey's Avatar
    ....AND (sorry I forgot this) the HDAV cable is sold seperately. It was $60-70 for the Apple Uni-dock and $50 for the HDAV cable.
    12-07-2009 08:47 PM