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    The Spotify desktop computer application is awesome - for those who have never used it, it is free to get and use, you can search a huge library of music and legally play and listen without having to worry about being dodgy or being found out of doing anything illegal. In the free version you get played an advert every 3rd song or so (not too interfering really) or in the paid monthly version you dont get the ads. Either way it is like having your own radio station.

    But the iPhone application does not have the free version. Pretty much all App Store reviews on it are in 1 of 2 opinions:

    1. It is amazing and cool etc. I rather suspect that a large number of these reviews just might have been instigated by the Spotify team but I might be wrong...

    2. The other half of reviews say it is rubbish that it says it is free but you must pay to use it with a premium Spotify account.

    The unfortunate reality is that most people saw the app was free, downloaded it then felt cheated when the only option to use it was to pay for the premium monthly version

    Why oh why did they not create a Spotify lite - which could just play more adverts etc so people would want to upgrade to the premium version? That business model clearly works well for them with the desktop system - why not for the iPhone?

    Anyway, have any or many people here used the Spotify app - and what are the views? What do you think of it?
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    03-14-2010 06:15 AM
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    Not so sure that the advertising model works so well for them but I agree that it is a amazing program.
    08-30-2010 02:37 PM