ZeroChroma case: company won't replace defective case - stop responding when asked


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Nov 19, 2012
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ZeroChroma sells iOS cases with built in kickstand. They're pretty expensive (iPad mini Folio-Case is $69), but the kickstand looks great so I bought it.

I found out the rubber covering the bottom part of my iPad Mini 3 is super flimsy, such that if I pick up my iPad with my right hand (thumb near Home Button, rest of the fingers on the back case), the rubber easily moved, causing the thumb to slip away and I can almost drop my iPad.

I emailed ZeroChroma explaining the situation and they said the case looks defective. They asked for pictures, which I sent. They said they can send a replacement and I asked where should I send the old one to.

Then... That's it... No more response from them. Multiple email goes nowhere. I tried to tweet them, same..goes nowhere.

ZeroChroma have 1 year warranty, as advertised on their site, so I am not sure why they're doing this.

So now I have a $69 case that can actually damage my iPad (dropped due to the flimsy rubber covering).

Just a PSA.