Wild Heroes for iPad and iPhone now FREE!


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Nov 5, 2012
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Awesome TD game!
Here's the links for the free versions


Wild Heroes is here!

"Tired of playing tower defense games and watch how the waves goes and goes? This new 3D/2D title will blow your mind with the new and revolutionary instant interactive touch powers, lot of abilities, enemies, heroes, wild mode and so much more!"

The Dark King has escaped from the underworld and is leading his army of monsters to destroy the Magic Castles!
You must lead the resistance! Develop a strategy to defend the castles of the five kingdoms!

More interactivity... more fun! You can be a hero too! you can be part of the action with your heroes and stop the menace of the Dark King. Take a look at the advices your heroes are constantly telling you (personalized with your nick name) and feel just like another hero on the battlefield!

The new way of playing TD games is here!

Wild Heroes and Wild Heroes HD (for iPad) let you use interactive touch powers so you can break the way the game goes and interrupt it anytime!. Burn, shock and freeze your enemies and with the touch of your finger break them into little pieces of ice... or maybe throw them all into a black hole!

Upgrade your heroes and transform them into WILD mode for even greater attack power!

We incorporated upgradeable touch powers and a ton of skills to let you make your own game!

Plus a lot of animations for each enemies, sub bosses and towers that gonna make you love this game. Also, you can collect your enemies and heroes in your own bestiary, so you can learn more about their history and take a look at the amazing art details.

Other amazing features... check this out!:

- A unique look and feel, with hand painted scenarios, menus and textures.

- Left-handed Mode

- Original soundtrack, recorded with real instruments that will bring the perfect mood for every stage!

- 5 worlds, 20 different levels to challenge you and keep you entertained for hours.

- want more? 20 more levels on challenge mode!

- Set the game difficulty from easy to hard.

- Game Center supported for global scores, achievements, friends and more!

Take a look at the Launch trailer and be a Hero!
Official Wild Heroes Launch Trailer - YouTube

iPad Link in App Store for Wild Heroes HD Full Version

iPhone Link in App Store for Wild Heroes Full Version

Here's some screenshoots!

For more information about Wild Heroes or Global Pixel Studios please follow us on Facebook


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