Why can't I log in to Facebook through apps nor Safari?


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Can't log in to Facebook through apps nor safari.


I'm having a problem accessing to my Facebook through iPhone 5s.

I'm not able to use Facebook through Facebook app, iMessenger, Safari nor Chrome. It just gets stuck in the very beginning.

Trying to access with Facebook application I'm able to log in but none of the tabs(news feed, requests, notifications etc.) will load up, just white screen.
Trying to access with iMessenger I'm not even able to log in, keeps logging in and then says "time-out".
Trying to access through Safari/Chrome the page will load until it says "could not open the page because the server stopped responding."

I have all the applications up to date. I tried deleting my Facebook account under Settings/Facebook and re-creating it.
I have deleted apps(Facebook & iMessenger) and re-installed and also with rebooting.
I have tried to log in with different users and problem still the same.
Also using different internet connection.

Looks like anything what's got to do with Facebook is blocked not working on my phone. I'm guessing doing a Restore is my only option as I haven't found anyone with so multiply issues at same time.

Sorry for my English as it's not my mother language.

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Mar 17, 2012
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Re: Can't log in to Facebook through apps nor safari.

As Bigeric23 mentioned, check to see if you can access the account from your computer. If you can access from the computer check your settings there.

Not sure what you mean that you're trying to log in with multiple users.