What did Apple do in IOS 9 the always starts autoplay of My Music. Not a problem with IOS 8


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It is a very annoying issue and it has started to happen on after iOS 9 upgrade on iPhone 6.

When I switched from Samsung GS II to iPhone 6 I thought "what a great OS, it actually remembers the last app I was playing last time in the car and it starts to play it again instead of some stupid default music app." Here is why I like it, my bluetooth iphone is paired with my car and when I drive my car I would listen to book I have in my Audible app. This is very convenient.

After upgrading to iOS 9 the behavior of my iPhone completely changed. Instead of playing my latest book I was listening when driving to work, my iPhone starts to play music in my Music app. My Music app wasn't even open, while my Audible app was open. I had to unlock my screen and hit the "play" button in the Audible app. I tried it again the next time I am in my car, and the next, and the next. The iPhone starts to autoplay the Music app instead of the latest app was playing in my car. Is Apple that desperate to push their music service onto users so it decided to change the behavior in the new iOS 9 so dramatically.

IOS 9 there is no place I can change the default action for bluetooth autoplay. How is it possible that this feature worked very well in previous IOS versions and now it does not?? It is very obvious that I expect iPhone to start playing THE LATEST app I was using before leaving the car, isn't it?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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Welcome to iMore! Unfortunately this is not something that can be changed in Settings. If you aren't happy with your device's behavior when it's connected to your car I recommend [URL="https://www.apple.com/feedback/#mn_p]submitting feedback to Apple[/URL].

Jim Fagan

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Nov 2, 2015
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Finally here is the IOS 9 configuration change that stop Apple Music from playing when a Bluetooth connection is started. (i.e., just re-start the last iBook or Pandora application that was playing when Bluetooth session ended. The setting is convoluted. Need to go o Setting - General- Restrictions - & turn off (switch in the left side) Apple Music Connect. I think it is a little funny that this setting is under Restriction. Sounds like Apple wants Apple Music to be the default audio application.