What are Trusted Members?

James Falconer

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Nov 1, 2012
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If you're a regular visitor to Mobile Nations, and want to take things to start getting involved, becoming a Trusted Member is the first logical step!

Trusted Members are exceptional members that have proven themselves to be a great addition to our community. Our volunteer teams will often look at the Trusted Member group to find and seek out new team members when help is needed - for that reason becoming a Trusted Member is often the best and easiest way to get involved in our communities as a volunteer.

Trusted Member Expectations:

  • Maintain a stellar, squeaky clean profile in the forums
  • Participate in our forums on a daily basis and maintain a highly active account
  • Build reputation as someone members can rely on for help and friendly conversation
Benefits of becoming a Trusted Member:

  • Inside access to behind the scenes details from Mobile Nations
  • Ability to participate in Trusted Member only projects
  • Trusted Member badge in the forums
  • Mobile Nations/Trusted Member swag and other perks
  • Weekly updates from the Community Manager (that's me!)
  • Regular warm/fuzzy feelings knowing you're doing good for a great community
If you're interested in becoming a Trusted Member please see our volunteer application thread to learn how you can apply!


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Jan 8, 2012
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We already recognize several of you as trusted members so if you think you are one, go ahead and apply....??????


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Jun 2, 2013
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Greetings All!
I am mainly over at Crackberry as a Trusted Member, and wanted to introduce my self with all of you on iMore.
I have been a member of Crackberry.com since 2010, which was when I purchased my first Blackberry taking the place of my MotoRz.
Before I bought my first Blackberry, I was not a member yet, but learned as much as I could to make a good decision of which model to purchase. Took me a Year! Then once the phone was in my hand I joined up. I learned a lot and have enjoyed returning that knowledge back to people who are new to the platform. If I'm not clear on the question, I will bring in the more experienced for that technical aspect, to help.
I think MobileNations has done a great job in getting these titles across the whole site in a very uniform way.

I'll be running around your forums reading up on iProducts, and hope to run into you all out there.

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