Went and played with the "Force Touch" track pad today at the Apple Store...


Sep 7, 2010
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So one of my local Apple stores got the Macbook Pro with the "Force Touch" trackpads in yesterday...and I had asked them to give me a call when they arrived because I've been considering upgrading (for no other reason than to just have a new toy honestly).

So first and foremost...the new Macbook Pro is damn near identical to the other retina models...even the trackpad looks the same (size wise). When they announced the trackpad on the new Macbook, they mentioned the size difference, but I guess on the MBP, that wasn't the case. I was also a bit let down that this MBP was not developed with this new keyboard they clamored on about with the Macbook...it still retains the same one it's had for years.

The trackpad itself, at least in my opinion, was not as "brilliant" as Apple led on about in their keynote. I honestly felt like the haptic feedback wasn't "real" enough to make me forget a normal clicking sensation of an actual mechanical trackpad movement...and to be honest, this was a bit annoying having been used to said movement of the trackpad. I felt as if the feedback was ALMOST the same, but it was just different enough to make me think about it every time I used said function.

The "Force Touch" feature, to me, was both pretty awesome and kind of off setting. Awesome in the way that they take a BUNCH of functionality you do through various types of finger/touch inputs, and implements them into this singular "Force Touch" action. I think the most impressive for me was the ability to force touch the address and have it automatically pull up maps...or force touch a phone number and have it bring up the options to call or text it instantly.

Off setting would be another way I'd describe it though because it's not quite perfect yet. I found myself having to try a couple of times to get it to do what I wanted it to...and not because I was doing something wrong, but because it was either delayed by a couple of seconds for some actions, or it didn't register the force touch the first time I tried. In either case, given these actions are very common ones, and things we're used to being instantaneous in other ways with a normal track pad...it made it feel a bit non-intuitive when it didn't work perfectly. This might just be me being overly critical, but if I have my current track pad setup to do what I need, and it does it without error...it's only natural to expect the same from this new piece of hardware.

At the end of the day, like the previous models...I just didn't see enough to make the investment, so I walked away. I think the Macbook Pro needs a major revision like they did with the recent Macbook announcement. There are lots of things I could think of that I would want, but as it sits, putting the force touch on the Macbook Pro didn't sell me on feeling the need to buy one.


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Dec 15, 2008
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I haven't tried the force touch track pads yet and I'm not really sure I would want to own a 1.0 version. I'm feeling more and more satisfied that I got my 13" rMBP on Black Friday last year without one.

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