We may be getting a mini iPad not an iPad mini


Aug 2, 2012
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Why do people get excited about the rumoured iPad mini?

Well, mostly because it is sure to be more mobile than any iPad to date. Definitely, iPad is not comfortable to hold in your hands for some time.

And iPad has the exclusive best-quality and biggest library of apps optimised specifically for the device. If iPad Mini runs at 1024 by 768, identical as first-gen and second-gen iPads, all these apps are going to run,right? There is no problem.

Well, I don't think so. Although I am merely making an assumption, resolution is not the only factor that affects the usability or the quality of an app. The size of the screen also matters. Because everything, such as the controls, is going to decrease in size on iPad mini's rumoured 7.85 inch display. Nobody can say for sure HOW WELL the apps are going to run.

Yes, I know, we have the prototype. And iPhone 5 prototype turned out to be real. But that still doesn't confirm an iPad mini.

Instead, I am making an ambitious guess that what Apple actually has in mind is a significantly more lightweight iPad. And I don't think it is impossible, given the impressive feat of engineering they have managed to pull off on iPhone 5. With a likely new design coming to the fourth-generation iPad, I am pretty sure they can do some weight reduction. That will make a great device even greater. In fact, the more lightweight the fourth-gen iPad can get, the greater it will be.

So, I am hoping my prediction is right. Because I am very satisfied with the amazing 9.7 inch Retina display of my iPad. I think any smaller sized screen wouldn't have made a difference as much as it has so far. It is the screen size big enough to make a difference but small enough to be mobile. And it is pretty much safe to predict that a fourth-gen iPad ,if with a significant weight reduction that makes it extremely mobile, is going to shatter the sales records again.


Sep 22, 2012
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Well, that's your opinion only. Because no one has the chance to test the iOS apps with 7.85 inch screen, it's just simple that we cannot tell they would run well or not. But you know, that's Apple's problems, I do believe that this time they will do things better than with iOS 6 Maps.

Furthermore, I also like the 7.85 inch screen with 1024x768 :)


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Sep 19, 2012
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Unfortunately it's not possible to decrease the weight of the iPad without running into serious problems such as battery life, storage capacity, etc.

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