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Oct 14, 2011
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UnClocked (iOS 14.1)

UnClocked is now on iOS with stunning Klingon & Predator inspired clock widgets! Boldly take your home screen to the next level!

'arlogh Qoylu'pu'?
It's time to download UnClocked!

• Klingon inspired glyphs: pIqaD & Klinzhai,
• Predator inspired glyphs: Yautja A & B
• Colors can be customized to your preferences
• Multiple background options
• Displays 12 or 24 hour formats, based on system settings
• Widget now supports multiple configurations. Place them individually on your home screen or stack them and swipe to display your current mood

To configure a widget: Assuming you have setup more than 1 widget within the app, place an UnClocked widget on your screen, then long-press on it and select "Edit Widget" from the pop-up menu. You can now select a different widget style.

Tip: I currently have a couple of different styles stacked so I can just swipe through them to the style I'm currently in the mood for. To stack widgets, just have a couple of same sized widgets you like to stack, then long-press the widget and select "Edit Home Screen". Once in wiggle mode, just drag 1 widget on top of another.

Please note: If you had the previous version of UnClocked, from prior to iOS 14.1, you will need to remove the widget from the home screen and then add the new configurable widget! The style you had previously setup should carry over to the new version. But now you will be able to create more styles. The issue was that the original version of UnClocked had a static widget, so if you wanted to place multiple widgets on your home screen, they would all look the same. The new version allows you to configure each widget with different styles.


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UnClocked (iOS 14.1)

Star Trek and Klingon are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.
Predator is a registered trademark of 20th Century Fox.