The Original Infogear Iphone!!!


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Oct 29, 2008
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This is really incredible. I'm an RSS subscriber, and I saw this in the PC Mag tech disasters article that came out today. I joined simply to post this.

After googling for more, I found this archived review of the original InfoGear iPhone!

[DAMN THIS 10 POST MINIMUM TO POST LINKS!] Google it yourself - its the first link in google.

This was a wired phone (that looks similar to the newest Cisco VOIP phones) with a black and white touchscreen. It had a built in modem and checked email and browsed the web. It hyperlinked phone numbers and clicking would call (sound familiar?).

What is amazing? Here is the reviewer's requested new features:

  • Cut and paste! PAHLEASE!
  • Add a spell-checker to the email program
  • Make it easier to switch between email accounts
  • A regular URL location box, like other browsers
  • The ability to email Web pages
  • Have the iPhone automatically re-establish the Net connection after you hang up the phone.
  • Make the built-in keyboard wider (there's room for this) and re-design the keys to be...ya know...usable!
  • Allow use of a standard PC keyboard
  • Allow use of common PC printers
  • Offer a port for plugging in some sort of storage drive for offloading email, Web content, etc.
  • While we're really trying to turn this into a killer app(liance), why not build in a small software developer's kit (SDK) so that others can develop little applications for the iPhone (e.g. an app that would convert a mail message full of tab-delimited names, numbers and email addresses into the address book files on the iPhone).

More space? Cut and paste? Keyboard?

This guy was WAY ahead of his time!

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