Spotify, Epic and more brand Apple's changes 'a mockery of the DMA' on the eve of seismic iOS deadline


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Jun 17, 2017
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Well Boo Hoo for Epic and Spotify. AGAIN, Apple does not owe you anything.

Since you are already wasting your time on pointless whining, why don't you whine about your neighborhood car repair shop being unable to perform warranty repairs and get parts for a Rolls Royce?

"The letter, signed by no fewer than 34 companies and associations, says this structure “seems designed to maintain and even amplify Apple’s exploitation of its dominance over app developers."

So? No one is forcing you to write apps for iPhones. Since you CHOOSE to do so, then you have to follow the rules.

“Rather than creating healthy competition and new choices, Apple’s new terms will erect new barriers and reinforce Apple’s stronghold over the iPhone ecosystem.”

So? It is THEIR ecosystem. If you don't like it, stick with Android. Or feel free to create YOUR ecosystem. Then see how YOU like someone telling YOU how to run YOUR ecosystem. :rolleyes:

"For every change, teams at Apple continued to put our users at the center of everything we do."

Exactly correct. AGAIN, you can't have a "monopoly" on your own product. Anti-trust laws exist to protect consumers (users), NOT competitors. NO users are complaining about Apple. Only competitors.

So, AGAIN I applaud Apple for giving a big FU to the EU.
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