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Apr 22, 2009
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The Spirit Board, a FREE app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, now brings the spirits to life in this eerie simulation of the classic Ouija Board.

Welcome to the world of the paranormal. It is a dangerous and terrifying path you have chosen to take. The secrets the Spirit Board reveals are not meant to be known by mortals. Men and women have gone mad, lost forever in demonic shadows.

Although the Spirit Board can be used by a single courageous individual, we strongly recommend that you not undertake this perilous journey alone. Find a trusted friend to accompany you in your search for ultimate truth.

  • Holding the Spirit Board flat, each of you should place your thumbs on two of the four Spirit Disks located at the corners of the Board.
  • Do not attempt to hold the Spirit Board perfectly still, or to make the planchette (pointer) go where you consciously want it to go.
  • Rather, focus on the question in your mind, and allow yourself to enter a trancelike, meditative state.
  • Let the Spirit Board move freely, guided by forces you may not understand.

Some believe these forces are supernatural; others claim they are the workings of your subconscious mind. Either way, the revelations of the Spirit Board are often?startling.

Watch the planchette and speak the letters it indicates, in a respectful voice. Do not speak every letter the planchette passes over, just the letters upon which it pauses for a moment. It may take a few s?ances to master the art of knowing which letters are part of the message.

When your session is complete, post the spirits? reply to the Reviews section of the App Store or Twitter @spiritboard, so that others may learn from your experience?even if you have been bound in a straitjacket and confined to a small padded room, where you can do yourself no harm.

Whether you?re using it to summon the restless spirits of your ancestors or pick up chicks in a bar, we guarantee you?ll be satisfied with the Spirit Board - or DOUBLE your money back! (OK, so it?s a free app.)

Please visit the App Store and check it out!
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