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Speaking Black JESUS Personal Jesus iPhone App


New member
Mar 7, 2012
Personal Jesus is a new iPhone App featuring the 1st SPEAKING ANIMATED JESUS, Who delivers 200+ quotes from the Bible into your iPhone.
It?s main innovation lays on its unique global approach that welcomes all by offering the Gospel of Christ in 4 Jesus? races: White, Black, Asian & Celtic.

Personal Jesus is Free for everyone to have, so you can download it right away and benefit from His words here: App Store - Personal Jesus
Our Mission: "the Gospel of Christ on each mobile phone on earth".
You would agree with us it?s a very ambitious one, so all your help to spread the word is needed, and really appreciated, (please like, reply, and thank so more people would care to read this)

Learn more about Personal Jesus iPhone App @ Personal Jesus - Your Own Personal Jesus - PersonalJesus.com