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Something's wrong with my Photo album on my iPod touch. What's wrong?


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Okay, so whenever I try to delete something, it comes back the next time I open my photo album. iTunes says that I have space free, yet whenever I try to take photos, they aren't there when I open the photo album. Nothing will save and nothing will delete. What should I do?


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Disable the iCloud Photo Library on your iPod Touch. Afterwards, login to the iCloud website via a computer, select the iCloud Photo Library option, delete the pics you no longer want. After that, re-enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPod Touch. You can also try rebooting your iPod Touch or resetting all settings on it.

valentina merritt

New member
Jun 12, 2016
When I went to the iCloud website I was met with a screen that said I had to enable iCloud photo library in order to proceed.


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